Healthcare BusinessHow To Leverage Investor Visa To Start A Healthcare Business In Italy

The Italian healthcare market is among the largest in the EU and boasts a high level of innovation. It is rife with opportunities for startups and established businesses. The profit potential is big, whether you plan to foray into healthcare establishments, pharmaceuticals, or medical device manufacturing domains.  Not surprisingly, entrepreneurs from around the world want to try their luck in the booming industry.

But setting up a healthcare business takes more than registering it for a global entrepreneur. You also need to fulfill immigration formalities. Although Italy has several citizenship routes, not everyone may qualify for them. Experts at Bersani Law Firm recommend the investor visa route to start your journey in the country. Let us explain how to leverage it to set up a healthcare business in Italy.

Know your investment capacity

Funding is perhaps the most complicated part of setting up a new business. Healthcare startups often have massive funding requirements because it is a capital-intensive industry, regardless of the domain. The investor visa entails a hefty investment, making money an even more daunting concern. But things are relatively easy with the Italian investor visa as you get diverse funding alternatives, with a minimum of €250,000 and a maximum of €2 million. You must define your investment capacity from the outset so that there is no confusion at the end of the day.

Get ready for the process

The Italian investor visa process is perhaps the simplest of all immigration routes. It entails minimal paperwork as you only need bank statements validating proof of funds for investment. The best part is that you have to bring them only after completing the process, entering Italy with an investor visa, and converting it to a residence permit. At this stage, you should be ready with the money because it must come within three months of obtaining the residence permit. Another factor you must know is that the process takes only a few months to complete, so you get to establish it sooner than later. You can even bring your family without additional effort and funds.

Seek expert assistance

Starting a healthcare business in Italy involves several formalities, from researching the market and competition to registering the company, hiring a team, and more. The last thing you want to do amid the startup workload is to struggle with immigration formalities. You can seek expert assistance to guide you and oversee the process and paperwork to make it a breeze. There is hardly a chance of errors and omissions when you have experts overseeing the process. They can even help you convert to citizenship by naturalization down the line. It is your opportunity to stay in the country for good and tap expansion opportunities in the EU markets.

The opportunities in the Italian healthcare market are alluring, regardless of the segment you choose for your business. Immigration is also a breeze with the Italian investor visa route. You can easily enter, establish, and expand with this option. The best part is that you can stay for good and reap the rewards of your work by converting to citizenship eventually.

Author Bio: Charles Deaton is a junior content writer at Submit Core. Deaton holds a professional experience in immigration and business writing, with immigration law being his area of expertise. In his leisure time, Charles loves to spend time with his kids.

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