GeneralHow to Charge Electric Cars | Types of Charging Stations

The group of electric car fans is growing rapidly. It’s not surprising, because electric vehicles have a lot of advantages as environmentally friendly transport is becoming popular among customers. However, many people are confused by the fact that these cars will have to be charged. With the development of a network of public electric charging stations, the situation changed dramatically. In this article, we will speak about how long it takes to charge electric cars as well as about the types and methods of charging.

Types of Charging Stations

Today, there are four main types of electric car charging stations for electric vehicles:

  • Mode 1. It’s outdated modification. The principle of operation of this ev car charger is based on the AC, for which a special adapter is used. You can connect it to a household outlet without any auxiliary adapters. Charging takes 12 hours or more, depending on your battery capacity. They are gradually falling out of use due to low security.
  • Mode 2. The standard type in which alternating current is used too. It’s suitable for domestic or commercial use for various types of electric vehicles equipped with standard connectors. The main difference is a safety block added to the cable design. The charging period is 6-8 hours for a battery with the capacity of 20-24 kWh.
  • Mode 3. It’s an electric car charger with maximum power when the AC conditions are met. Compatible with connectors of the first and second types for single-phase or three-phase electric mains.
  • Mode 4. It’s an electric vehicle charging station that uses the direct current during operation. It has increased power, so it isn’t suitable for some models of electric vehicles. If your car fits the standards, it takes 30-40 minutes to recharge up to 80%. You can find it at city parking lots or gas stations along major roads. The disadvantage is the need to supply a separate power line to the station.

You should choose an electric vehicle charger taking into account a possible installation site, the number of users and the specifics of its operation. The parameters of Mode 1-4 stations are constantly undergoing changes, which slightly complicates the choice of a suitable option, focusing only on the model. The best tip is to pay attention to the power. Using it as a criterion, you can divide the equipment into three large groups:

  • Stations for domestic use. They have the alternating current of 230 V, and 16 A is used during operation. It provides up to 3.7 kW of power. They are quite small and convenient to use.
  • You can speed up the charging process with the use of units with the 220/440 AC and 16-40 A. They provide from 3.7 to 30 kW, depending on the modification.
  • Superchargers or fast chargers. They use the DC, which ensures fast charging of the battery.

All in all, you may notice that there are a lot of available electric car charging stations. You have to think about the necessary one for you. The choice depends on the desirable power and speed of charging.

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