GeneralHow Much Does Hair Transplant Cost in Pune?

Pune is considered the second-largest city in Maharashtra. It has a population of over 10.1 million people but is ranked as one of India’s most livable cities. The sprawling metropolis is a well-off IT, manufacturing, and automobile hub in the country, with some of the top companies housed in the city.

Also, one big industry in Pune is the cosmetics world, particularly male grooming. Hair transplantation is a prominent procedure among men and women because it makes people look younger and appear more confident in public.

The hair transplant cost in Pune ranges from Rs. 30,000 to about Rs. 95,000. In a rough estimate, that is between Rs. 30 to Rs. 80 per hair grafting. Although the figures are a rough estimate, prices vary per physician, the techniques used, and the type of hair grafting required.

Factors That May Influence the Hair Transplant Costs

There are many contributing factors to the overall costs of hair transplant operations. One is the density required for the procedure and the number of grafts needed. This factor is an essential part of how much your hair transplant will cost, as it is indicative of the number of strands required to make your head appear full.

Some cosmetic surgeons also charge per total number of grafts related to how bald a person is. A typical hair transplant procedure will have a maximum of 40 grafts per cm2. The technique used during surgery is also a factor in the price of your hair transplant procedure.

There are two known procedures in the hair transplant industry – FUT and FUE. FUT or Follicular Unit Transplants is a procedure where hair follicles are individually grafted one by one. FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a complex process of grafting strips of hair on the balding area.

Understanding the Difference Between the FUT and FUE Procedures

The hair transplant cost in Pune varies differently based on the given factors. But one that will significantly dictate how much your whole procedure would cost is the type of treatment you undergo.

The treatment line is also based on the pattern of baldness you have as it has comparative levels. Level 1 and Level 2 baldness costs are lesser than grafting levels 3-7. Levels 2 and 3 are often calculated on a per graft basis, while larger baldness areas would significantly cost higher.

Consider that each hair grafting will have at least 2 or 3 hairs, which co-equates the grafting procedure’s overall costs. Between the two grafting procedures, FUT is often the least expensive procedure because you are paying to transplant a strip of hair.

FUE is grafting the hair per follicle, and it is a delicate procedure. A surgeon typically extracts hair from the donor site and transplants each follicle by grafting hair one by one. It takes more time for a surgeon to transplant hair with FUE than with the FUT procedure. Thereby, a FUT hair transplant is cheaper than the FUE process.

Doctor’s Credentials Also Affect the Overall Costs of Your Surgery

It might be a cliché in the medical world, but a doctor’s academic credentials and professional qualifications will also be a leading factor for the surgical costs. When deciding to have your hair transplant, it is always imperative to seek the help of a qualified and licensed surgeon.

But more than that, the clinic you choose also determines the overall costs. When looking for the right hair transplant surgeon or clinic in Pune, it is always better to scout any possible variation in prices.

One that has all the qualifications but provides reasonable prices will help your finances in the long run. HairMD Hair Transplant Center is one of the trusted names in the hair transplant industry in Pune. The clinic has qualified surgeons who are known to provide the most reasonable prices in the city.


Just like any medical procedure, several factors will affect the cost of your hair transplant procedure. When scouting the Pune area for the best clinic to perform your hair grafting treatment, it is always better to do research.

One viable solution is to head to trusted leaders in hair transplantation and surgical procedure so you keep the whole process’s integrity. HairMD has been helping a lot of locals rediscover their youth and confidence through hair grafting.

When your self-esteem is suffering because of your hair loss, it is never a question of whether to go under the procedure or try something else. In most cases, when you choose the latter, you would end up with much more than what you initially thought you’d save.

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