Health ITHow Is Technology Shaping The Future Of Emergency Medical Care?

Every day thousands of cases of accidents, injuries, and even natural calamities are reported. In a few cases, the wounds are minor, while in other cases, the incident results in fatal bruises. In such a scenario, immediate medical care plays a crucial role in saving the lives of patients.

Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say that it is a race against time.

Fortunately, due to the continuous advancement of technology, medical professionals can possibly win this race. From upgrading the ambulance to using medical drones, even the smallest invention is elevating emergency care.

Having said that, let’s take a look at these technologies!

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

A.I. is already influencing the pharma industry in identifying suitable drugs according to the patient’s condition. And now, it is creating a place in the emergency department. Several healthcare institutions are using artificial intelligence for capacity allocation and logistics in their daily operations.

In simple terms, you can use available data to make predictions and calculate the probability of accidents. Not only this, when the chances of accidents peaks due to bad weather conditions or high traffic, you can deploy your vehicle in advance to provide immediate medical assistance.

Portable Diagnostic Device

Big and heavy machinery is now a thing in the past. Instead, medical specialists are using portable diagnostic devices for ECG, ultrasound, and laboratory testing. Using these diagnostic devices ensures that the patient gets the right treatment as soon as possible.

Nevertheless, it could be challenging for the specialist to equip these devices in a new ambulance. Therefore, it is suggested to opt for ambulance remounting and equip it with portable diagnostic devices. It will help you save money. Plus, you will have more emergency  vehicles to provide the best service.

Not to forget, a remounted vehicle will be as good as a new one. And with portable devices, you’ll be able to respond immediately to the patient’s needs.

Use Of Application For Emergency Care

According to a survey, up to 80% of the clinical errors occur due to miscommunication between the staff. Needless to say, during immediate medical care, there should be zero to no chance of such errors.

Considering the same, various hospitals have started using applications. These applications alert the emergency department to make necessary preparations before the arrival of a patient. This helps in saving time as well as the patient’s life.

What makes this application even more impressive is that it includes the use of GPS. That way, hospitals can calculate the estimated time of arrival. And also gives the user an opportunity to share the necessary information related to the incident, its images, patients’ health, and even the history.

Believe it or not, but the average decrease in treatment time reported is nearly 30%. Isn’t it great?

To Sum It All Up!

These are some of the technologies that are making their way into emergency medical care. And helping in offering high-quality assistance to those in need. However, for most of these technologies to work, you might have to upgrade or remount your ambulance. Even so, it will be more cost-effective than purchasing a new ambulance.

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