GeneralHow Can Electronic Signature Improve Your Business?

A conventional system of doing business requires people to spend so much precious time on printing piles of documents and getting all the necessary signatures. This problem is especially relevant in cases when people cannot be present at work, and others cannot proceed without their signatures. Sometimes even the shortest delays can cause great damage to the business activity. Now, in the period of quarantine, this situation is relevant as never before. However, SignNow can deprive you of such discomfort with the help of an electronic signature. What is it and how does it work?


What Is E-signature from SignNow?

An electronic signature is a real signature of any person that is made in a digital form with the help of specific software. It is possible to sign any documents electronically on various devices, including laptops, smartphones, or tablets. After creating an e-signature, it is enough to do only one click to certify an important paper. As a result, it not only saves workers’ time but also helps reduce expenses. It means that there is no need in printing numerous pages of a certain document in multiple copies as well as sending them to all people who have to sign them.

Besides, electronic signatures are absolutely legal. You should not confirm your actions with a handwritten signature in a while. In case of any disputable situations, an e-signature can be reliable proof that plays a vital role. However, it should be provided exclusively by a certified software provider. And SignNow is exactly the one since it is functioning in accordance with the US eSignature Act in Global and National Commerce as well as the UETA (Uniform Electronic Transaction Act).

How to Create an E-signature in SignNow?

Be sure you will not have to draw your signature every time when you need to sign a document. It is enough to do it once and after that, you can just click on it whenever required. SignNow allows its users to choose one of the three methods of electronic signature creation:

  • To type a signature;

  • To draw a signature;

  • To upload a picture of your handwritten signature.

When you tick the option “Make this My Signature”, the typed, drawn, or uploaded signature will automatically become a legal one. It means that you can start using it to sign documents.

How to Create a Link for Documents Signing?

If you wish some people to sign a certain document, you can create a special link to its fresh copy. For this purpose, your document should be a template. In the ‘Template’ section, it is necessary to choose the option of link creation. It will be generated automatically. Then, you can copy this link and forward it to the chosen people in any possible way. You can paste this link in messages, emails, posts, websites, and so on. When people open the link and sign the document, you will notice it in your account.

Besides, you can determine the order of document signing or allow some users to forward the paper to other people. Be ready to give the necessary data of recipients, including their emails, names, and surnames.

How to Set an Expiration Date?

It can often happen that you need a certain document to be signed by an exact day or even time. SignNow service can make people sign everything on time thanks to the function of the expiration date. It can be found in ‘Advanced’ options. In most cases, an expiration period is 30 days. However, it can be extended even to 180 days.

Be sure people will notice your request for document signing because you can choose the option of a reminder. It means that signers will get a specific notification about the necessity to sign some papers. After the completion of the operation, you can select one of three options:

  • To send all signers the document with all possible attachments;

  • To send all signers the document only;

  • Not to send the document as well as any attachments.

How to Require a Payment in SignNow?

In some cases, people need to get not only a signed document but also a certain payment. This requirement can be explained by the peculiarities of services provided by the company. SignNow considers such cases. Therefore, it provides users with an opportunity to set payment for signers. You can find this function in the ‘Advanced’ options section. There, you should point out an exact sum of payment and its currency. As a result, signers will receive the document and see all the requirements set by you. Then, they will sign the document and will be directed to the page where payment should be conducted. The transaction can be made through SignNow or Payeezy services. So, make sure that your signers have appropriate accounts.

What to Do if Getting the Refusal?

SignNow users cannot be forced to sign all documents that they receive. Everyone can refuse to sign papers in case of any disputable moments. For this purpose, it is necessary to click on the dropdown menu where the declining option is available. Be ready that you will get a special field where you should state the reason for your refusal.

A person who sent an invitation to sign that document will automatically receive a notification about your refusal to do it together with a reason for your decision. He or she can make some changes to meet your requirements and send an updated document for signing.

There are a lot of other features available on the SignNow website. They will make the process of cooperation much faster and easier. But the most important thing is that all this process is fully reliable and legal.

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