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Not many Americans seem to realize the impact your teeth can have on your overall health. It’s not just the risk of the various types of cancer that can affect the oral region, or bad breath that affects your social interaction, having teeth and gums that are in poor condition can have a serious impact on your entire body. Although in Florida people seem to be starting to understand this, with Florida boasting the highest percentage of population registered with a dentist!

When dentists recommend having an annual dental exam they are often meaning just checking for cavities, however as more and more research is coming out about how an apparently simple cavity can cause raised blood pressure and increased risk of heart disease, amongst other concerns, you are seeing more dental practices start to provide a more holistic approach to dental care.

Major Health Concerns

The risk of health complications that are directly related to your teeth is a prime reason to ensure that you are seeing your dentist regularly. In fact, a study in 2014 (“Oral health problems and mortality”) found that people who suffer from tooth loss, root caries or periodontitis increase their chances of death. This is even after removing consideration for other lifestyle or socioeconomic factors.

Ongoing Tooth Pain & Its Effects on Your Diet

An effect of having teeth in poor condition that people often don’t consider is your diet. If you have teeth that hurt when you bite or chew you will naturally try to avoid the pain. Often this is done quite subconsciously, however the effect will be the same. You will avoid certain foods that will cause you pain or sensitivity when eaten – and this often this means that you will not get the full range of vitamins and minerals which will have an obvious effect on your health.

It is also likely to mean that you will avoid fiber rich foods, as these tend to be harder or have more crunch, which can lead to stomach and intestinal problems. Of course, there is also the risk that subsisting on a diet of soft, easy to eat food, will cause further tooth decay as it is often high in sugar and difficult to clean from between your teeth.

You might have had this sensitivity so long that you no longer even think about it, but your body will, and you’ll notice the difference once you have had the issue fixed.

Of course, if you are also favoring one side to eat on then you are also prematurely wearing down the teeth on the side that you are eating on, causing all sorts of problems from muscular development as well as wearing down the teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Of course, one of the main things that people think about when they are looking at seeing a dentist is the physical appearance of their teeth. Broken, discolored and crooked teeth can have a big impact on how people feel they can interact in social situations. Often people who are embarrassed by their teeth won’t smile, which gives other people the impression that they are standoffish or rude. While no amount of cosmetic dentistry can fix a bad personality, it certainly can help build confidence and allow your natural personality to shine through. https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/2158244017728319

One of the other common oral issues that can cause the appearance of antisocial behavior is bad breath. Although this can sometimes be the result of poor oral hygiene, it is usually an indicator of a bigger issues. Bad breath can have a host of causes, but one of the results of having bad breath, and being very aware of it, is people try to avoid talking or eating in public.

In situations where they need to talk in close proximity to another person they will often mumble or hold their hand over their mouth in an effort to prevent too much bad breath escaping. Of course, people who are unable to be heard aren’t listened to, creating a host of social problems, as well as several hindering any chances of promotions at work.

So, do not let anyone suggest that getting cosmetic dentistry is about vanity! The ongoing positive effects of having a beautiful smile and fresh breath can lead to a range of improvements in your health and general lifestyle.

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