DentistryDone Deep Clean? A Reminder From Your Family Dentist In Louisville

As kids, we are often taught that regularly brushing our teeth will keep it clean and healthy. While obviously, this is true, it doesn’t mean that brushing is all that we should remind ourselves about. There’s more to dental health than just the teeth. You can have really, really good teeth and still score low on the dental hygiene checklist.

When we talk about dental hygiene, we’re talking about the entirety of your mouth, after all. The teeth, gums, tongue, throat, and everything else that’s part of your mouth cavity down to your digestive track affects your dental hygiene.

Brushing your teeth is just the tip of the iceberg so to say (read more). It’s one of your main dental responsibilities to maintain or improve oral health but it is not all. Many people wonder why their teeth still go bad even if they’ve brushed three times daily since the day they were born.

Or, why their breath still stinks even when they clean their teeth right after they eat or before they go to bed. The reason why they are still experiencing oral problems is not that they are not brushing it enough; it’s because that’s all they do. They just brush and brush without care for the other parts of their mouth. If this is also something you’ve been wondering about, then today you will get your answer.

You are simply not taking care of your dental health right.

For instance, when was the last time you ever visited your dentist for a thorough and deep clean? Did you visit at least once in the past 6 months? How about within the year?

If you’re going to answer me with another question like “what does a deep clean mean?” then there’s the reason you’re looking for. The reason why you’re experiencing oral health issues even when you make it a point to brush your teeth twice or thrice daily.

You see, there are more dental practices that we should actively follow aside from just tooth brushing. And today, your neighborhood dentist, the Graf Family Dentistry in Louisville, would like to remind you of one that’s very important – deep cleaning.

What Is Deep Cleaning?

This dental procedure is just as important as brushing your teeth daily and is also the reason why people develop worrisome oral health problems. Forgetting is never an excuse. Being ignorant isn’t one either. You are the sole person responsible for yourself so it is your job to know about these things.

Luckily, it’s still not too late to turn things around now. If you double the effort and start paying more attention to your oral hygiene, your oral health will be in tip top shape in no time. If it’s in a state that you believe requires professional intervention (e.g. you’re feeling stings or pains already), then it would be advisable to come to a dentist for a thorough check-up.

Once everything that needs fixing is good, you can start taking better care of your teeth going forward.

Why You Need Professional Deep Cleaning

So does this mean that if I brush, floss and use mouth wash I can save myself from making dental visits? Well, not exactly. It will definitely be reduced but you would still have to meet with your family dentist every now and again. The reason for this is because you need to come in for deep cleaning.

You see, or teeth requires a great deal of work. Even if we follow dental care practices religiously, professional cleaning is still on a whole different level on its own. This time, it cleans the areas in-between our funds and teeth where plaque and tartar (hardened bacteria) hides. Here’s what you can expect: https://askthedentist.com/know-before-you-go-teeth-cleanings/.

You cannot do this kind of procedure at home so it is a must that you go see your dentist to have this done. You’ll need professional dental tools for it, after all!

Scheduling a deep cleaning schedule every 6 months is strongly advised. This is to help prevent stubborn plaque from building up in the crevices of your teeth, leading to stronger, healthier, and more vibrant teeth. Great oral health for the win!

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