GeneralDoes Red Light Therapy Bed Works?

The wondrous tales of red light therapy’s benefits have been spread around the world in recent years. Don’t get us wrong, though. The hype around red light therapy is in no way product of snake oil advertising. In fact, quite extensive research is done on the subject that backs up the advantages of this light treatment.

RLT has been proven to help treat acne, psoriasis, aid in pain management, wound healing, fade out scars, as well as improve cognitive functions, sleep quality, help manage Seasonal Affective Disorder, anxiety, and depression.

If you’re eager to experience red light therapy benefits on yourself, you should know that there are several ways of getting the treatment. In this article, we’ll discuss one of those – red light therapy beds.

The Science Behind Red Light

Before we dive deep into red light therapy beds, let’s see how and why red light is so effective in treating versatile concerns. We found that it all traces back to our cellular functions.

Red light therapy exposes skin to low-level light wavelengths, particularly 650nm-800nm ones. Red and near-infrared light waves fall into that range. What makes these light wavelengths special is their ability to penetrate the skin deeply (approximately 7mm). This allows RLT to target damaged tissue and start repairing it from within.

When red light particles reach our cells, the cellular processes get optimized. Mitochondrial metabolism increases, leading to enhanced ATP production. ATP is a molecule that carries cellular energy, therefore, raised ATP levels mean that your cells get more energy.

This process allows our cells to be more efficient, have better repair mechanisms, and fight intruders more successfully, gradually leading to all the benefits that red light therapy is famous for.

What Is A Red Light Therapy Bed?

As we’ve mentioned above, there are several ways of getting red light therapy. One of the most popular of them is the red light therapy bed. Usually, an RLT bed consists of LED light panels that are large enough to cover the whole body. These beds are a great way of getting a full-body red light exposure while resting. Most salons recommend 20-minute sessions three times a week to get optimal results from the red light therapy bed.

Lying in an RLT bed looks like tanning but it feels more like a spa treatment. The great thing about red light therapy is that you won’t feel any heat or inconvenience during the session. You can lay back, relax, and let the light do its thing.

How Long Does It Take For A Red Light Therapy Bed To Work?

Because red light therapy is simple, pain-free, and non-invasive, many people think that it’s not doing anything for them. At first, you may also share this attitude – after all, it’s just lying under some red LEDs!

Remember, when it comes to red light therapy, patience is your best friend. Seeing results significantly depends on your condition and the issue you’re trying to treat. For instance, it can take a couple of sessions to improve sleep quality, while fading surgical scars can take up to 6 months. Oh, and let’s not forget about one’s medical history that differs from person to person that dramatically influences treatment’s outcome.

With this in mind, you are likely to see improvements after a month of continuous light therapy sessions in most cases. Keep in mind that being consistent is a key to maximize the results.

Where To Get Red Light Therapy Bed Sessions

A couple of years ago getting a red light therapy treatment was only possible in selected clinics. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. Nowadays, red light therapy beds are widely available in esthetic salons. All you have to do is book an appointment at the nearest location. However, be prepared to pay somewhere between $50-100 for a single session.

If the problem you are trying to treat with a red light therapy bed requires multiple sessions, it might be more sensible to purchase your own device. Sure, you’ll have to make a big one-time payment but you’ll be able to enjoy red light therapy whenever it’s the most convenient for you.

We recommend you start your search from nuYOU LED. They have a great selection of red light therapy devices, from small portable panels to full-body ones. What’s more, their devices are FDA approved and come with a generous warranty, meaning that the quality of their light panels is tried and tested. Having an RLT device will allow you to create a salon-like experience at the comfort of your home and enjoy the benefits of the same scale.

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