Digital HealthDigital Health in the Kitchen for a Healthy Diet

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With the current technological advances, we are endowed continuously with trendy yet functional gadgets and devices that could make our lives easier and more comfortable. From highly responsive smartphones to wireless communications, most of us are already enjoying these developments unknowingly.

Since our technology encompasses almost every activity that we do, it would not be surprising that it even healthcare has been digitalized already. Digital health, as it is technically called, involves the use application of technology with health and health care.

Since this new breed of technology is on the rise, it is worth noting that digital health may pose several benefits that could be advantageous to everyone, especially in maintaining a healthy diet. On this article, we are going to dwell on digital health in the kitchen, and how it helps in keeping a healthy diet.

Digital Health Defined

Digital health involves the confluence of digital technologies with health care to improve the efficiency of healthcare delivery. It includes the utilization of information and communication technologies to address the issues and challenges faced by people regarding health. They may come in software and hardware services such as web-based analysis, mobile phone applications, or remote monitoring sensors.

Digital health is not only concerned about the development of technologies methods and techniques to manage illnesses and health issues, but it also promotes a healthy lifestyle and wellbeing.

Digital Health in the Kitchen

It is a known fact that most of us struggle to gauge what we should and should not eat. Most of the time, we fail to meet the recommended nutritional goals, so we end up not being able to maintain a proper diet. This is where digital health enters in our kitchens.

At present, there are a lot of technological services that are leaned towards digital health. Many of these services are aimed to keep watch of what we eat and how we eat our food. These innovations also guide us on the food that we should eat based on our present conditions or our genetic background.

Below is a list of some of the devices and applications that could help you manage your weight and keep track of your diet, hence maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Apps for smartphones

When we talk about weight management, we can utilize several phones applications that focus on tracking our weight and our lifestyle. Many apps could estimate the ideal amount of food that you should take so that you could reach your weight goal.

There are also apps that let you track your exercise using the information that you enter. Instead of manually tracking your diet, the apps could do the work for you including counting the calories consumed and burned throughout the activity, and the amount of weight lost from constant exercise.

Smart kitchen utensils and appliances

Innovative smart kitchen utensils and appliances are on the rise with regards to digital health. Aside from being used for aiding those with motion disorders, they also help you in preparing a healthy meal.

A smart herb garden, for example, is a little indoor gardening solution. You only have to plug it in and add water. Then, technology will do its magic. The device aims to grow healthy herbs more conveniently. Juicero is another smart device that helps you in your diet. It creates a healthy and fresh juice without taking too much effort.

Of course, it is worth noting that these devices are part of smart home technology, a significant addition to our houses which is meant to simplify our tasks and make our lives better. In this case, smart home technology is a vital tool in ensuring that we maintain a healthy diet.

A Step into the Future

The use of digital health is seen to be a vital way to maintain a healthy diet. While it may still have a long way to go, it is worth noting that digital health has already made a significant impact in our society as a whole, and it will keep on improving lives as we progress.


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