GeneralDifferent Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction could be temporary. It shouldn’t be a concern if this is the cause because things could get back to normal quickly. However, if it’s a constant problem of getting your penis hard or keeping it erect, you may want to get professional help. There are various treatments available, including male enhancement pills that you can get from reliable sources like The Male Libido. Some of these pills can help keep an erection, while others can make the penis bigger and longer.

There are various causes of erectile dysfunction, including physical, mental, and psychological problems. Your lifestyle can also contribute to it, and the medications you take. If your erectile dysfunction is affecting your relationship with your partner, or it’s taking a toll on you, consult your doctor right away for proper diagnosis and treatment. You may undergo a physical exam and various tests to determine your condition. Your doctor will also get more information about your medical history and lifestyle to have a better understanding of your situation. You will get the treatment based on your diagnosis. Here are some of the common treatments for erectile dysfunction.

Oral medicines

One of the most popular treatments for erectile dysfunction is oral medications like Viagra, Stendra, Levitra, and Cialis. The dosage will depend on your situation. Their effect also varies, but on average, they can keep an erection for up to 30 minutes. These medications make nitric acid more effective. It’s a chemical that is naturally occurring in the system that helps to relax penis muscles, thus enhancing blood circulation.


Stress, anxiety, depression, and other emotional and psychological problems may also cause erectile dysfunction. If you have a problem with your relationship, work, or any other issues that affect you emotionally and mentally, find a way to resolve them because they could affect your sexual drive and erection. Get counseling if necessary to help you cope with these issues.

Other types of medications

Aside from oral medicines, there are other types of medications that your doctor may give you. These include the following:

  • Testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone is a hormone that promotes sexual development. A low level of this hormone can cause erectile dysfunction. Testosterone replacement therapy will help increase the level of this hormone and help treat erection problems.
  • Alprostadil intraurethral therapy. You will insert a suppository in your penis using a specific applicator. On average, you will see the effect after 10 minutes of the insertion, and it could last from 30 minutes to an hour. It may cause minor bleeding and a burning feeling in your penis.
  • Alprostadil self-injection. Your doctor will instruct you to inject a specific dosage of alprostadil on the base or side of your penis creating an erection that could last for an hour. You may also experience minor bleeding in the penis due to the injection, although pain is minimal.


Exercise can help treat depression and stress, which are also causes of erectile dysfunction. Treating them may also treat the latter. Being in good shape will improve your self-esteem, so you will have more confidence when it comes to sex. Obesity is another cause for not getting a hard-on. It is often associated with high blood pressure, which can cause improper blood circulation. If blood doesn’t flow properly in the penis, it will not erect.

Healthy diet

Proper diet together with exercise will keep you in shape, thus feeling good about yourself. You will have better libido if you have confidence in your body. Getting an erection will be easier if you are not worried about how you will look to your partner.

Proper sleep and rest

Not having enough rest and sleep can affect both your sexual drive and erection. You might feel too tired or sleepy to have sex with your partner. Also, lack of sleep can cause stress and other psychological problems. See to it that you manage your time and prioritize having enough rest for your sex life and overall health.

Avoid smoking

The chemicals from smoking can damage the blood vessels and disrupt the blood flow in the body, including the penis. Disruption in the blood flow will cause erection problems. If you are a smoker and you are suffering from erectile dysfunction, try to stop smoking and it will have a positive result.

Drink moderately

Too much alcohol can cause difficulties with erection, and could even cause long-term erectile dysfunction. Some of the reasons are decreased blood flow, depression, and an increase in the level of angiotensin, which is known to be associated with erectile dysfunction.

Implants and pumps

Implants are usually the last resort for treating erectile dysfunction. Specific devices will be implanted on the sides of your penis to give it an erection. There is a risk of infection for this. Pumps are vacuum devices where you insert the penis. It will suck the air out of the vacuum causing the penis to get hard.

Having a healthier lifestyle will help in treating erectile dysfunction. If you are considering getting other treatments, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you are under medication.

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