GeneralComparison of Saypha and Radiesse Dermal Fillers

At present, dermal fillers are very popular. Unlike surgery, they are affordable and easy to use. In contrast to creams, they are more effective. They are cosmetic correctors made on the basis of gel. Their creation became a breakthrough in the world of aesthetic medicine. Therefore, over time, more and more new products have become available. The most widely used of them are Saypha fillers and Radiesse. Their distinctive characteristics will be discussed in the article.


The product is an effective corrective agent of Austrian manufacture. It is made on the basis of gel which includes hyaluronic acid. It is of non-animal origin. The gel is sterile and used for wrinkle correction in the area of pronounced facial expressions, as well as lip augmentation. 

To achieve the elimination of mild wrinkles occurring in the forehead furrows, the product is injected into the middle and deep layers of the skin. The advantages of the gel are high viscosity, elasticity, lack of color and isotonic properties. Indications for its use are as follows:

  • correction of wrinkles of a moderate depth;
  • elimination of shallow folds;
  • removal of vertical folds near the mouth;
  • lip contour enlargement;
  • control of parallel wrinkles;
  • elimination of irregularities in marionette areas.

 The product is not expensive and is absolutely safe for the skin and deep layers of the dermis. 


In terms of texture and properties, Radiesse is a dual-phase filler which contains micro-particles of hydroxyapatite that prevail in its composition. It is a milky-white suspension that is available here in sterile syringes having a volume of 0.3 and 1.3 ml. The product is stored at a temperature of 25 degrees. Its separate particles have a spherical shape and a smooth surface. 

The list of indications is similar to that of Saypha. When it is introduced into the dermis, the fibroblasts are stimulated and the process of neo-collagenesis is triggered. The product is free of ingredients of animal origin, so it is 100% safe and does not require tolerability testing. 

Which One is Better?

Radiesse produces the longest lasting effect. However, Saypha is considered to be the safest, most affordable and easiest to use. Still, the differences between them are insignificant. They are identical in their formulation, principles of use and action, and a range of restrictions. 

The list of contraindications to their use is the same: 

  • increased sensitivity to certain components;
  • existence of autoimmune pathological processes;
  • acute and chronic inflammations;
  • being in an “interesting condition”;
  • a period of breastfeeding;
  • diabetes mellitus which implies insulin dependence. 

As for side effects, they can occur with both preparations. There is a risk of itching, redness, fever and dizziness, but it is insignificant. 

What to Choose?

The cost of the preparations is almost the same, as well as the packaging. The only thing that matters is that Saypha Filler is most commonly used for lip corrections, while Radiesse is used to combat wrinkly folds. However, in view of the similarities in the mechanism of action, the list of indications for the use of the products is almost identical.

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