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Disclosure of the personal health information (PHI) of patients via email without their consent or knowledge can be very alarming. We will cover the 4 risks of using encrypted email on sharing personal health information. Let us discuss them briefly in the following sequence. Email Encryption Types of Email Encryption TLS (Transport Layer Security End-to-end Email Encryption Email Encryption Mistyping an email address on the part of the sender may cause disclosure of patients’ PHI....


When a regional hospital in Illinois was hit by a ransomware attack, their entire IT infrastructure went down. The healthcare facility used automated data protection, backup and disaster recovery capabilities in the Panzura global file system to quickly restore files to a pre-attack state and undo unauthorized data encryption. The hospital outsources management of cloud storage and network connectivity to Panzura’s specialized managed-service partner Datatility. Data held in the Panzura system are backed up, replicated,...


Asking a consumer to purchase your product is much easier said than done. Businesses can’t just ask a potential customer to buy their product upfront, especially when it involves managing and taking control of their data and personal information. Similarly, in a consumer’s point of view, entrusting your personal details to someone let alone a company or a unit in society, seems risky and daunting. You never know how and where your information might be...

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