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Technology adaptation in the healthcare industry is comparatively slow considering the ‘traditional cautious approach’ of its players towards technology adaptation. The increased patient-centric approach in the healthcare practices has necessitated the digitization in order to increase access to quality medical care that is technology-enabled and time-bound. Healthcare driven by technology flourishes and simplifies the complexity in medical care. In today’s healthcare system, every aspect involved in patient care has been fine-tuned leveraging the technological advancements....


Against a backdrop of growing demands and static or reducing budgets, Matthew Holloway, Senior Corporate Finance Manager at Community Health Partnerships takes a look at how a cloud-based transformation project can support a company’s strategic growth. Owned by the Department of Health, Community Health Partnerships (CHP) works with partners to transform the NHS estate, offering a unique blend of investment, property management and strategic estate planning expertise. In recent years we have experienced major change....


In this interview, CEO of Software Europe, Neil Everatt speaks with Sue Childerstone, Head of Payroll at Northumbria Healthcare Trust on why other NHS organisations should move to a cloud-based Expenses system and away from paper. Neil Everatt: Before taking advantage of cloud technology, your expense claims were done manually – you had upwards of 5,000 claims per month that were all on paper. That’s a lot of pieces of paper to process! Sue Childerstone:...

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