GeneralCan You Use A Foot Massager Too Much?

When it comes to relaxing the body, the first thing that comes to our mind is using a foot massager. It Is highly beneficial for the human body. An efficient foot massager can provide relief from aches, pain, injuries, and muscular damage.

There is no doubt about its benefits, but, Can You Use A Foot Massager Too Much? The actual time depends on several factors like the device itself, your gender, age and tenderness of feet, etc. Here, we will sort it out for your convenience.

Foot Massager

Each foot massager comes with different functionality and set-up process. The work process depends on its design and set-up. For example, an open designed and closed designed foot massager works in a different way. Foot massager comes in various types like electric, manual, hand-held, slippers, pad, and chair.

Among them, electric-powered foot massagers are most popular due to their great features. People consider the Best Foot Massager For Arthritis to eliminate stiffness, joint pain, inflammation, etc.

It can provide a wide range of pressure settings, for example, heated air compression, vibration, and intensity level. Foot massagers also include shiatsu, reflexology, etc. massage to meet the user’s personal massage needs.

Some machines are designed with high versatility that allows you to change the setting as per your requirement. Its vibrating mode is generated by electro-pulse in a massager that improves blood circulation.

Can You Use a Foot Massager Too Much?

After knowing the different types of foot massagers, now it’s time to learn Can You Use A Foot Massager Too Much? Basically, we use foot massager due to some complications. So, the duration of using it will depend on those complications.

Circulation and Neuropathy

Feet are generally more sensitive and delicate compared to other organs. While using a foot massager, your nerve will get the proper intensity and increase the blood circulation.

As a result, it will provide you more comfort and relaxation. Proper blood circulation is necessary for healing neuropathy. So, you can use a foot massager for 20-30 minutes at a time. Using it four times a week will be enough. Additionally, plantar fasciitis insoles are on the market in case you need extra relief after utilizing a foot massager.

Arthritis and gout

Generally, elder persons are suffering from these issues. These common health issues can be cured by using a foot massager. It increases blood flow, stimulates the feet muscle, as a result, provides relief from an arthritis condition. Use foot massager at least three times a week for such health conditions.


Athletes have to suffer a lot with their feet. As they do intense running their feet need extra care. Many times, they face some worse complications after a running session. Using a foot massager can diminish those complications to a large extent. They can use it before and after any running session.

Plantar Fasciitis

A common disorder for older people is plantar fasciitis. When pain occurs, they feel trouble at their heel bone.

For this issue, you can use a foot massager at least three to four times per week. Also, whenever you feel harsh pain in the feet or heels, you can use this for 20- 30 minutes.


Menstruation can cause pressure; as a result, women feel pain in different parts of their bodies. Many women claim that they feel pain in their feet at that time. So, a foot massager can help them in this situation. To stay relaxed and eliminate the foot pain, you can take 15-20 minutes of foot massage.

Migraine or Headache

A common health condition that affects all aged people is migraine and headache. Using a foot massager is an excellent idea for those people who have this issue. Whenever you experience a headache, just use the foot massager for 20 minutes. It will provide blood flow to the nervous system that will result in great relief.

Swollen or Flat Feet

Flat, sore, and swollen feet may occur due to improper blood circulation. Flat feet can cause stress, pain, and imbalance of the body. An ideal foot massage for 30 minutes can improve the circulation and give pressure to that point. Hence, it can improve the condition of flat, sore, and swollen feet.

How to Use a Foot Massager

To get proper benefits, you have to use this product correctly. With an electric massager, you will find an auto shut-off feature and different speed settings. So, you don’t have to struggle much using this device. Enjoy the massage by sitting comfortably, put your feet on the massager, and push the start button.

You may use foot rollers that come with rubber, wood, and plastic for using a manual massager. With a manual massager, there is less possibility of injuries. You can gently massage by bringing the roller in contact with the feet.

A water foot massager has some digital control buttons. So, you can customize the settings and intensity. The process of using a water foot massager is like an electric massager.

Benefits of Foot Massager

It is a non-abrasive treatment with causing zero side- effects. Foot massagers are great for every aged person. Here, we will provide some of its benefits in short.

  • It can enhance the mood by lowering blood pressure and anxiety.
  • Foot massagers are best for diabetic patients and who have blood circulation issues.
  • The ankle strengthening exercises help you to recover instantly after any injury.
  • It releases endorphins that lower the effects of anxiety and depression.
  • This device can eliminate the effects of edema in pregnant women.
  • You can release all foot pain using a foot massager instead of taking medicines.
  • Foot massager will provide more relaxed sleep at night.
  • They come in a compact size, portable, and really easy to use.


Using a foot massager is a great way to relax and ease your feet. This exceptional device has countless benefits for our health. It can heal the injury as well as prevent them also. A regular foot massage can boost-up your spirit and mood.

After reading the whole article, you get the idea about Can You Use A Foot Massager Too Much? So, don’t overuse it; considering your health condition, utilize it in a better way.

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  • Avatar

    December 17, 2021 at 9:19 am

    It is rigth! It all depends on your pain level and type of foot massager, but most massagers can be used up to 3 times a day in 30 minutes intervals. The massager should be moved around during this duration. New users should start twice a week for 15 minutes or less until they build up their tolerance.
    I perfer electrical foot massager. I get a Terelax foot massager,it is often used after I back home or before sleeping, It relaxes my feet and calf.I have a good sleeping each night.


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    February 19, 2023 at 1:03 pm

    I have been looking for an answer to this question for some time now. Thank you very much for this informative post.


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