GeneralCan You Junk Cars Without a Title?

Most of us who are adults have had more than one automobile in the course of our driving tenure. Generally speaking, our cars go bad on us. They’re amazing machines but also very finite. Engines seize up and break down. Frames can become irreparably damaged. All sorts of things happen that turn a once-reliable car into a junk car. We all know this. Something not everyone knows, however, is that you can still get some money for that car you consider a hunk of junk.

There are different pick-‘n-pull locations out there that will give you cash for junk cars based on the working parts within that car. Is this something that you can do with your junker? For the vast majority of people, yes. You can earn some cash for your junk. But do you need the title to do this? Let’s find out more about the subject.

Do You Need a Title?

Yes, you are going to need a title. Reputable cash-for-junk-car businesses like PicknPullJunkCars.ca are not going to risk their reputation and their entire business by accepting a junk car for a few decent parts without a title. There are major legal implications which force the market to act this way, and we’ll touch on them in more detail below.

Reasons You Need a Title to Junk Your Automobile

If you own an automobile, then you should have the title. If you have misplaced your title, then it should be pretty easy for you to get your hands on a replacement. What we’re trying to say here is that there is no reason that you should not have your car’s title available. Here are some reasons you will need that title.

1: It Could Be Stolen

This is going to be the ongoing theme, as it’s pretty much the only reason that a cash-for-junk sort of business would need to seek a title. There are a lot of people out there who understand that they can get cash for junk cars. Unfortunately, the police blotter is full of instances where people actually steal junk cars just to sell those valuable parts. There are exceptions to this, depending on the company and the context, but most of these locations are not going to accept a car without a title. There are just too many things that can go wrong, which we’ll discuss below.

2: The Company’s Liability

You also have to consider the liability of the company accepting your junker, either in a legal or an insurance context. Just imagine for a moment that you’re the one running a business, and you decide to trust a person with a junk car but no title. You give them some cash for the car, pick through the parts, but you get a visit from someone who claims that the car was stolen. As you might imagine, you are the one on the hook for this financial loss, not to mention potential penalties for accepting stolen goods without seeking proof of ownership from the person selling it.

3: Legal Issues

A lot of nations and their independent states and provinces alike are really trying to do whatever they can to cut back on auto theft. While you might not appreciate falling into this sort of category, the fact is that many people have stolen junk cars just to pick through their valuable parts and earn cash. As we mentioned briefly above, there are exceptions to the rule, and sometimes simply having an ID and registering your legal information might be enough. By and large, however, these cash-for-cars places are legally hamstrung and cannot complete the transaction without a title on your end. They would be risking their business to do so.

If you don’t have a title for your car, it’s not the end of the world. You can stop by at places like the MTO and other vehicle departments with the vehicle registration and your identification and get yourself a title. It only costs a few bucks and could be well worth it, if it means you get to junk your car for a nice wad of cash.

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