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My name is Alison Hefer, I am originally from Cape Town, South Africa but I have spent the last few years in beautiful New Zealand. I write articles for various websites including and regularly contribute articles about the always changing world of SEO to I am a busy blogger/mom by day and avid writer by night. My career goal is to one day write a novel of my own. Connect with me via email at [email protected]

The average person will spend over 13 years of their life at work. That’s a lot of stress, sleepless nights, and busy days to manage over an extended period. What’s more, given that most people don’t retire until between 59 and 66 years of age, that’s a long time to have to put up with not feeling at your best. Fortunately, by giving your body what it needs, you can turn it all around. Try...

Everyone is familiar with regular waste. It’s your old soda bottles, food packaging, and muesli bar wrappers you had with lunch. But what about e-waste? E-waste is almost anything electronic. It’s your computers, home and business telephones, DVD players, stereos, and even VCRs. Every year, waste disposal trucks in the United States pick up over 3.14 tons of e-waste. That figure is staggering enough but doesn’t even factor in the rest of the world. Where...

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