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In recent months, the healthcare organizations around the world have been inundated with numerous phone calls and patient visits, to the extent that they have had to put restrictions on patients and take precedence of only those that are seriously ill or feel like they have been infected with the recent COVID-19 virus, that has swept the world. Keep up to date regarding this here.

Many have been taking extra measures to make sure their facilities have the right equipment to handle every case, big or small, while others have been investing a lot into making sure that’s the case if there is lack. At any rate, the worse part about it is that some institutions have had to let go of a lot of their staff, either from getting ill or because they cannot afford it, and this has caused several issues with too many queries and too little hands to assist people.

What should be done in this case?

There are several solutions to this but the main one that can be of a significant difference for the better is investing in the communication line between outsiders and the healthcare staff. This would mean adding a method of easing the incoming inquiries while also helping those people in answering them.

One Significant Solution

For any important sector such as Hospice, making sure their services are up and running 24.7 and that they have enough helping hands in times of crisis, can be a daunting experience for lots of seniors and managers alike. There is only so much that people can do, especially in cases where they lack the staff to answer hundreds of phones calls an hour while trying to register patients, fill in their details online on their CRM, or whatever system they have and do multiple other tasks all at the same time.

Enter. Answering Services.

When various companies cannot keep their head above water, this is when things go south. They start losing clients, there is no revenue coming in, they cannot afford to keep paying their office rent or any of the bills, they go bankrupt or need to close businesses, and this is exactly the scenario at the moment. Many businesses have closed as a result of the virus restrictions and due to them being inundated with too many queries and too little help or staff members.

Answering Services. This is defined as a group of trained professionals within the customer service departments of any company. They have been trained to answer phone calls, take details of the caller, and relay their messages to the person in charge of the appropriate department

This one invention has had a major positive difference on many businesses to date and the results are added revenue, customer (or patient) satisfaction, and an enhanced office operation which all keep the business going and growing without any issues.

A Few Good Reasons to Invest in Them

As mentioned above during the current health crisis, a lot of health care institutions, private practices, and hospitals have closed down, due to this incapacity, the open ones are suffering an influx of patients, to which the need for rapidly constructed field hospitals have been created, but still don’t seem enough of a solution.

Plenty of sectors and industries rely on answering machines, and there is a good reason why. Let’s look at a few good reasons why the healthcare sector especially, can benefit from using this solution.

Nurses Will Need to Take Over. When it is busy and your under-staffed, who else can chip in but a nurse. Nurses are not there to be receptionists, they too have other important jobs to do. When your lacking receptionists at the front desk to handle queries, answer phones, and takedown patient details, the nurses will need to sit in their place. This can be a costly and time-consuming act and a waste of the nurses’ talents.

Every Missed Call, Could Be Lost Revenue. When new patients call the hospitals or healthcare providers and don’t get anyone answering it on the other end, they can just as well go elsewhere with their query and money. It’s the same with any sector, any lost client may or may have been your new potential income.

Within the healthcare industry, patients are more than likely to go with those that have an active communication going, and who answer their phones. Don’t let this be an issue, and miss that revenue opportunity. Investing in answering services, either by outsourcing employees or hiring people internally to focus on any incoming calls, taking down important information, and patching it through to the right people, will make a whole lot of difference and increase your revenues tenfold.

The bottom line is, giving the patient a good customer experience in most cases starts with their first phone call. Even if you go to a dentist, it’s the same thing. From that first call to the appointment to the visitation, and getting treated, all makes for a satisfied customer, you do not want to lose this process.

After Hour and Emergencies. In any medical sector including Hospice, there will always be the issue of emergencies and after-hour services, which, when offered could make a very successful business. The problem is when there is no one to pick up the phone on the other end, your emergency services, or after hours one will end up getting diluted.

To help you with this, either you can hire a team of experts to handle just these types of queries, or you can outsource people from various companies offering them such as the information provided by this site There are specific hours of the night or day that employees are hired and willing to help any business out. This means your business will ideally be running 24/7 and 365 days, without any worries.

Not only I this type of sector but in any one world-wide, if you want to grow your services, grow your people with it.

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