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Flatulence or passing gas is a natural phenomenon that every human being goes through. Flatulence, or farts, is different for everyone. Most of the time, they are silent and odorless, but at the very same time, they can be embarrassingly loud and deadly smelly for some other people.

Both types of farts are considered normal, as farting, in general, signifies that the body has successfully undergone the process of digestion. It is normal for everyone to pass gases about 5-10 times a day.

Furthermore, it is very necessary to fart too, because if a person does not fart, or is unable to fart, these gases might keep on accumulating in the person’s body, causing unnecessary bloating and discomfort in the body, and sometimes may also give rise to secondary conditions, like acid reflux, headaches, etc.

What Causes Smelly Farts?

Smelly farts are considered normal and can occur due to several reasons. Very rarely do they point towards a serious health-related disorder, but other than that, they are mostly due to the digestion of the food that you have eaten.

Most of the time, people are just conscious for no reason about their farts. At other times, farting too much, or farts with an intolerable smell can be indicators towards an underlying problem or an issue with the digestive system.

Here are some of the very common causes that cause smelly farts:

  • Intake of foods that are high in fiber or sulfur
  • Intolerance to certain types of food (like those rich in lactose, gluten, etc.)
  • Constipation
  • Infection anywhere in the digestive tract (often accompanied by abdominal pain too)
  • Certain Medicines. (Vitamin Supplements, Antibiotics, Hypoglycemic Drugs, )

How Can I Naturally Make My Farts Smell Better?

This section is for those people who struggle daily with this problem, and nothing seems to be working for them.

Here, we have compiled 7 such effective ways that can help you in making your flatulence appear less smelly and that too, naturally.

1. Scented Fart Pills

This might sound a little strange, but yes – scented fart pills do exist in this world, and you are going to be very thankful to us for introducing you to them! Unlike other pills that work to eliminate or lessen the odor of the farts, these scented fart pills work to entirely mask your farts’ odor, and make it appear like a rose-scented one!

Yes, these Flatuscents – scented fart pills that naturally work to not only deodorize your farts but also work to reduce their intensity and severity. With fewer farts and that too with a pleasant odor; consider your problem taken care of in the entirety! You are recommended to try them at least once!

2. Avoid Foods with Smell

If there is anything that disturbs you – you eliminate that thing from your life. Similarly, foods with a heightened smell or a bad-smell too tend to cause farts with bad odors. So, if taken with moderation, or not taken at all, there would be no worries for bad flatulence.
Foods with a foul smell include spinach, broccoli, garlic, etc.

3. Include Yogurt In Your Diet

Yogurt is a very useful dairy-product. It contains “Probiotics”, which help the body in digesting food with great efficiency. Yogurt also slows down the fermentation of the chemicals in food, which automatically tones down the farts’ odor.

4. Tone Down On Sugary Foods

Foods rich in sugars like cakes and other bakery items contain artificial sweeteners – carbohydrates that are not easily broken down by the body into simpler sugars. Some people might even lack the enzyme responsible for breaking them down, and so, passing them undigested in the form of farts tends to naturally make your farts smell bad.

5. Say No To Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated (or fizzy) drinks contain a lot of gas in them. This naturally increases the gas content in your digestive system, and the gas passing out as farts is obviously a bad-smelling one, as it is being passed out undigested.

6. Eat Friendly Carbohydrates

Wheat, cereals, bananas, potatoes are rich in starch and fructans – carbohydrates that are easily broken down and digested by the body. Once easily digested, no residual gases causing bad odors are left behind.

7. Improve Eating Habits

You should make it a habit to eat slowly. Keep all distractions (mobile phones, tv!) away when eating, and try to eat in smaller portions. Take smaller morsels, and make a habit of drinking more water. The lesser and healthier you eat – the more you are saving yourself from foul-smelling farts!


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