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A gas fitter is someone who can install, service, and repair gas fixtures and appliances in the commercial or residential sector. From installing gas ranges and fireplaces through to regulators, valves, and meters – they do it all. The gasfitting sector is one that’s growing in popularity by the day, with more people looking for a cleaner, more cost-effective and efficient methods for heating, cooling, and cooking.

If you’re still using electric, coal, or wood for your heating, cooling, and cooking, then it might be time to consider what the range of gasfitting services includes. You will be surprised at what it encompasses and how it can far surpass your expectations.

Gas Has Many Benefits

If you are looking at the various gasfitting services, wondering if they are going to meet your expectations, then you will be surprised at what you find. Using gas to heat, cool, and cook could transform your home life and save you a substantial amount of money.

Firstly, gas is environmentally friendly. If you compare it to coal and wood, it doesn’t form great plumes of smoke that spew out your chimney and pollute the air. Instead, it burns cleanly with minimal pollution.

It’s also exceptionally reliable. If you lose power during a storm or another natural disaster, you will still be able to cook and heat your home. However, some hot water systems using gas do require an electrical supply, so you may always find you’re having a cold shower!

When it comes to price, it will surprise you here too. While the initial installation cost of gasfitting may be expensive in some cases, the ongoing costs are not. Gas systems are far cheaper to use, operate, and maintain. A gasfitting expert can also offer you information on repairs and maintenance costs too. It’s clear to see the benefits of using gas in your home can outweigh any negatives.

Gas Hot Water Benefits

One of the most common forms of hot water heating is electric, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only method – or the most effective either. Consider your gasfitting options if you believe your hot water cylinder and system is causing your power bills to be less than impressive.

Gas hot water uses a califont which burns the gas to heat your water. As soon as you turn your hot tap on, the water starts warming on demand. You can also set the heating temperature, so you don’t need to add cold water. There are several benefits associated with contacting a gas fitter to install gas hot water.

You don’t need to heat the water to 60 degrees as you would with an electric cylinder, you don’t have to house a large cylinder, and if you have reticulated gas, the cost savings can be astronomical. What’s more, if you have a house full of teenagers who like to shower for hours, you have an endless supply of hot water – not just what’s in your hot water cylinder.

Gas Fires and Heaters are Versatile

There’s nothing quite like the ambiance, heat, and comfort of a warm, crackling fire. However, the negatives of having a wood and coal-burning fire can often outweigh the positives. Can you honestly say you like heading out into the pouring rain to get more wood and coal? And do you like wiping coal dust off your window sills, and dealing with singed rugs? It might be time to look into what gasfitting services can do for you.

Gas fires are become a popular option – as a feature in a living room, a source of heating, and for ambiance. They are clean, emanate heat brilliantly, but also look striking. You can also get them in a range of styles to suit your home, including with glass fronts that add a touch of class to any lounge.

Central Heating is Coming Back

Central heating used to be an exceptionally popular option for heating homes, but coal used to be the source of heat which was dirty and not environmentally friendly. Now, central heating is available with gas – a clean source of energy that burns cleanly. It’s also a gentle, quiet form of heat that warms every room in your house. Gasfitting businesses can also direct you on where the best areas of your home are to install the radiator panels.

Services and Repairs Are Straightforward

Many people stick with electric, wood, and coal heating sources for water and cooking because it’s what they know. Often, it was also what was already in their home when they bought it, and they don’t have the knowledge or insight into how to make repairs or changes to an entirely new system. However, a short conversation with a gasfitting expert will have you realizing that gasfitting is straightforward – as are installation and repairs. All you need to do is call the experts and let them take care of everything.

Conclusion: It’s time to get gas

There is nothing wrong with electricity, wood, and coal for heating your home if there were no better options available. However, there are. Talk to your local gasfitting expert about how gas hot water, gas cooking, and gas heating could be valid options for your home. The ease of the entire process will surprise you

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