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Whether you’re a business owner or a homeowner, protecting your property is of the utmost importance. While you may not strike any trouble while you’re on the property, a lot can happen once there’s no one around to see anyone act up.

As of 2014, there were nearly 800 crimes per 10,000 people in New Zealand – the majority of which related to theft, robbery, unlawful entry, and property damage. While nothing can stop someone who’s adamant that they are going to commit a crime, steel gates in New Zealand can go a long way to reducing the risk.

If you’re tired of acts of vandalism, theft, or you want to take preventative measures, then it’s time to act. Invest in steel security gates and vivint outdoor camera, protect your property. Here are five reasons why it might be a good idea.

Additional Level of Security

Depending on your line of work, security might be your primary concern. Once you leave your premises for the day, who’s to say no one will take the opportunity to loiter around, look through windows, and even try to gain entry? Nearly nine percent of small businesses in the United States suffered a theft or burglary in 2016, which is a clear sign it’s a problem – even here.

Even if you have the best security cameras that money can buy, that doesn’t always stop a criminal from prying open a back door or window, causing damage, then getting in.

Steel gates can act as an additional level of security. Once you block off access to your driveway, you’re able to leave work at the end of the day with the peace of mind that your store is locked up like Fort Knox.

A Deterrent

While New Zealand doesn’t have the crime rates of other countries, it’s still a significant concern. Anything you can do to deter criminals can be a welcome addition to your home or business. Some business owners add security cameras in plain sight at the entrance to their property, while others use bollards, steel doors, and security roller doors to stop people from smashing windows. Steel gates can also be a deterrent.

If you block access to your house or business when you’re not home, you’re showing any potential criminal that you mean business. Who’s to say that you stop with steel gates? There may be several other security measures in place too. A criminal is more likely to move on to an unsecured business than one with a large, rugged steel gate in place.


While security is, of course, the primary reason for installing steel gates, safety can be too. If you install steel gates at your home, you may be able to stop your children and pets from leaving the property. Every fortnight in New Zealand, a child is injured in a private driveway due to someone – usually a family member – hitting them.

If your visitors park on the road edge of the driveway, your children can remain safely on the other side. You may be able to protect them from terrible accidents that no parent should ever have to go through.

The same benefit applies if you use a steel gate around your place of business. If there are hazards that people should not be able to access, a steel gate can prevent them from coming into contact with them.


If you have been looking at getting new fencing and gates for your property for some time, then you may be tossing up between different options and material types. Every type has its pros and cons, but in the case of steel gates, the advantages far outweigh the disadvantages.

Unlike wood, steel is less likely to succumb to the elements and shouldn’t blown down in the wind. It also won’t break down into a pile of sticks and kindling as soon as a rugby ball hits it.

Instead, steel gates merely require you to maintain them from time to time. Clear cobwebs, dirt, and debris when you get a moment and check any hinges and latches for rust. The durability of steel gates will surprise you.


There is nothing more frustrating than arriving to work – or your house – only to find someone has parked across your driveway entrance. If you have no clear entry point that stands out and people recognize as your way to enter your business or home, then it’s not hard for them to think it’s okay to park out front. Steel gates can solve this problem.

Once you have them in place, it’s clear to see the straight line from the road to the gate is one that needs to stay clear. You may benefit from a reduced risk of awkwardness, trying to get people to move their vehicles!

In Conclusion

The security of your home, family, and business, can mean everything, so what are you doing to make it a priority? If you don’t have any security measures in place, or you’re looking to strengthen the ones you have, it might be time to find out how steel gates could make a change for the better.

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