AgeingWhy Women Should Be Allowed to Age On Their Own Terms – With Keracell Founder Ekin Ozlen

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Ageing is something we will all inevitably have to go through, but everyone’s experience is uniquely personal to them. It doesn’t happen overnight, nor does it happen at the same pace for every person. Some say they looked in the mirror one morning and realized they were old, but for most it’s a much more gradual process. Maybe it’s noticing deeper creases in your forehead or lines around the eyes. Or maybe it’s feeling that your hair just isn’t as thick as it used to be. Whatever it may be, there’s no rules about how we choose to handle this. Going through the ageing process without any intervention is easier for some people than it is for others, but it’s not necessarily the right choice for everyone.

Ageing in the public eye

Women in particular have an extremely tough time when they begin to show natural signs of ageing. In the entertainment industry, they are publicly shamed in the media for appearing older than their flawless Hollywood personas. Whereas men are given permission to age like it’s a rite of passage, with tabloids fawning over them for ageing like fine wine who only seem to get better with age. There is a clear disparity between the attitudes towards the male and female ageing process, but it’s about time we allow women to age on their own terms and stop scrutinizing them for the appearance of a new wrinkle or a single grey hair.

Treatment is not a dishonest or shameful

When people do take steps to either slow down or reverse the ageing process, whether it is plastic surgery or specialist treatments, they are hounded just as much for turning to artificial methods. Sometimes, it feels like we really can’t win. But the reality is that we alter our appearances for our whole lives. We dye our hair, apply makeup, tanner, false nails – all things that make us more confident and allow us to feel good about ourselves. But when it comes to ageing treatment, it is still incredibly taboo and treated as something that should be done behind closed doors. The truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong about wanting to take control of your ageing process, whether it is preventative, cosmetic or surgical.

Get in front of the ageing process

We are living in a time when modern medicine can do some phenomenal things. In the cosmetics industry, some of the procedures available now are truly revolutionary. If it is the right decision for you, there is no reason we shouldn’t be taking full advantage of the amazing technology that’s at our disposal. Plastic surgery combined with results driven hair and skincare products like Keracell can effectively turn back the hands of time. Whether it is wrinkles, hyper- pigmentation or fine lines, combining fantastic skin and hair care with procedures is the ticket to the fountain of youth. This could be laser treatments, injectables, micro-needling or even platelet-rich plasma (PRP) for the scalp, combined with high-science products like Keracell, which use human stem cell extract and even CBD, and attacks the aging process as if it were a wound. And in terms of preventative measures, the key is to take action before you think you need to: finding a skin regimen that works for you and sticking to it. This also means applying sunscreen daily to protect your skin from UV damage and committing to your hair and skincare the way you would your physical health.

Ageing on your own terms

The most important takeaway from this is that people will judge you no matter what you do. So the best thing you can do for yourself is to make the decisions that work for you alone so that you can be happy in your own skin. We are gradually seeing change, and now even more men are taking steps to control the ageing process too, with botox and high-end facials becoming less taboo. But there’s still some way to go, and the best thing we can do is acknowledge that ageing is a journey that everyone experiences on their own timeline. Most importantly, the only approval that matters is your own.

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Ekin Ozlen

Ekin Ozlen

Ekin Ozlen is the owner and CEO of Keracell, a clinically validated, results-driven luxury cosmeceutical brand utilizing human stem cell extract within its clinically validated product line. Find out more information here.

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