DentistryWhy Pediatric Dentistry is Important

Many people are concerned with the idea of their child visiting the dentist. Still, pediatric dentistry provides numerous benefits that may encourage you to bring your child to an expert in oral care as soon as possible. If you’re still wondering whether or not you should take your child to a pediatric dentist, here are five benefits that will help you make an informed decision.

Trained Specifically for Children

Pediatric dentists are trained specifically for children, meaning they know how to care for the unique needs of a child’s mouth. From tooth brushing and flossing to making sure braces stay on their teeth and protecting them with sealants, pediatric dentists provide the personal and individualized attention that kids need regarding their mouths. Plus, because they understand the developmental stages of a child’s mouth, they can catch dental problems before they become more serious issues.

They Can Help Your Child Feel More Comfortable

Taking your child to the dentist is an excellent way for them to get used to going. Every dentist’s office has a fun waiting room with toys and books, so your child can relax before the visit starts. Additionally, dentists specializing in children will work around young teeth by only scaling and polishing enamel while still forming. They’ll also give your child toothpaste that tastes like bubblegum or fruit instead of mint because some kids don’t like it. Finally, pediatric dentists are more likely to use fluoride treatments which help keep teeth healthy and strong.

They Can Help You Save Money

While taking your child to a dentist is more expensive than an adult dentist, it can save you money in the long run. That’s because the average dental visit costs $485, and they spend more time on treatment. It gives them more time to look for cavities and do fluoride treatments. If they find any issues, they can treat them during that visit instead of having to come back. They also have better access to children’s toothpaste with low abrasion. Kids who have visited a pediatric dentist are less likely to get cavities in their permanent teeth when they reach age 7-12.

They Can Offer Advice on How to Care for Your Child’s Teeth

A pediatric dentist is best equipped to provide advice on how to take care of your child’s teeth. The dentist will know when a child should have their first dental visit, when they need to have their teeth cleaned and x-rays, what types of toothpaste are appropriate for young children, and more. When caring for your child’s teeth, you want the expert opinion of a pediatric dentist. For many parents, this may be their first time caring for their child’s oral health themselves. You’ll need a professional’s help to ensure everything goes smoothly and easily. To find out if your child needs braces or other forms of treatment, ask your pediatric dentist about getting an exam from an orthodontist.

They Help You Develop Good Oral Habits

Good oral habits are crucial for lifelong dental health. The sooner you start, the better. A pediatric dentist can help you establish those habits and make visits less traumatic for your child by teaching them about their teeth and gums in age-appropriate ways. Due to this, children will be more likely to take care of their teeth when they become adults, mostly because they know that it will lead to healthier teeth as an adult. They also know it is hard and painful to have someone poking around in your mouth without knowing what is going on, so they want to avoid that experience at all costs.

They Offer Treatments Specifically Tailored to Kids

When you take your kids to the pediatric dentist, they can offer tailored treatments. For example, because kids are still developing and their teeth are more prone to cavities and tooth decay, many dental offices offer fluoride treatments designed specifically for children. They also provide services like x-rays which are safer and more comfortable for young mouths. In addition, some dentists offer preventative care such as sealants and fluoride varnish applications that will help protect your child’s teeth as they age. If you have questions about what kind of treatment is best for your kid, just ask.

The above are five benefits of taking your child to a pediatric dentist. These professionals know how to make your child feel at ease, they can deal with cavities and other dental issues, and they have experience treating kids. To make an appointment, call the office nearest you today.

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