Healthcare MarketingWhat Video Business Cards Can Do For Your Healthcare Business

Do you know where most business cards end up? If you guessed in a pile in a desk drawer or in the garbage, you are correct!

In today’s competitive market, it’s important to blow people away with a first impression that is unforgettable or risk getting lost amongst all the junk.

Have you tried video business cards yet? If not, take notes as this is one marketing strategy that is sure to revolutionize your healthcare business. 

What are Video Business Cards?

If you’ve never heard of a video business card before, get ready to be impressed! From the outside, a video business card appears similar to a traditional business card. But, upon opening, the viewer is greeted with video and audio. A video business card features a 3″ video screen in a small 4.2″ by 2.2″ format. Video business cards can include 1 or multiple videos to convey your message. Pair this video and audio with your selected printed text and your recipient has everything they need to know about you and your business!

How do Video Business Cards Work?

Video business cards utilize super video components. A LCD screen is embedded into a high quality printed business card with matte or soft-touch lamination. The card features a flash memory and USB cord to charge. 

Video business cards are completely customizable. Every detail is chosen by you. You choose the colors, logos, video, and text to be included. Create this one of kind piece to be true to your brand and tell the story you want your target audience to hear.

Benefits of Using Video Business Cards for Your Healthcare Business 

Create a Cohesive Brand – It’s important your branding is consistent amongst all of your marketing strategies. Your business cards, website, social media, e-mail marketing and collateral should all look and feel the same. This will ensure your audience recognizes you and can pick out your brand among a sea of competitors in your local area.

Engage with New Clients – Being able to see and hear you in a business card is sure to catch the attention of your audience. A video business card allows you to engage with multiple senses. This is undoubtedly a unique occurrence that your recipient wont experience with any other business card. 

Stand Out from the Crowd – Have you ever been handed a video business card? Think about the WOW factor your will achieve by handing a potential client this type of business card. Forgetting getting tossed to the side, your audience will want to watch and learn all about your business. 

Guarantee Your Message is Heard – By utilizing video, you have the power to control what message is shared with your audience. Create a video that is charming, informative, and that conveys all of the important information your target market should know. Once your video is added to the video brochure, it will be played exactly the same each time. Your audience will truly understand who you are and what you can provide them every time they view your card. 

Increase Your ROI – Leaving a lasting impression is key to keeping your brand top of mind. Pair this with your engaging video and easy to follow contact information and you’ve got the recipe for success. Your audience will quickly know the next steps to take and how to follow up with you to learn more. Many medical professionals with high ticket services and products such as plastic surgeons, biomedical equipment and such, benefit from using video brochures when at medical conferences or simply promoting their products. 

Ultimate “Sticky” Marketing Piece – A video business card is comparable to a viral video. When the recipient opens it and watches the video, there is no doubt they will want to share it with their colleagues. As the card is shared more and more, it leaves an impression on everyone who sees it. They will remember your brand and how you made them feel. It helps to leave a lasting impression and be memorable. When they need your services, know you’ll be the first they call!

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