HealthcareWhat are the Rising Technological Trends in Healthcare for 2023?

There is little doubt about how big of an impact technology has had in the healthcare sector in recent years. It is clear that technology in this sector can greatly enhance how patients are treated and what treatments are available, and it facilitates the delivery of better patient outcomes. Like many other industries that have shifted to more digital approaches, healthcare has made better use of technology in recent times.

Previous digital trends in healthcare point the way ahead 

Two good examples of this are electronic health records (EHRs) and telehealth innovations. EHRs enable healthcare providers to store, maintain and view patient notes digitally. This provides them with faster and simpler access to the latest information on a patient when treating them. Telehealth has been another huge trend in the industry lately and uses digital video conferencing tech to deliver expert healthcare remotely.

Healthcare professionals need to be tech-savvy now 

As you might expect, this move to include more digital equipment and ways of working in healthcare has meant staff in the sector need to be more tech-savvy. The amount of technology in nursing means modern nurses have to be up to date on the latest ways of caring for patients and familiar with the digital world. With this in mind, people looking to get into nursing will often consider programs like Baylor University’s online DNP program to help them prepare. This fully online program is the ideal way to learn about modern nursing technology and how to use it.

What does all this mean for the coming year in healthcare? Many experts predict that we will continue to see new trends emerging to push the sector further forward. Here is a look at some of 2023’s top healthcare trends.

Smart beds 

Smart beds are one emerging tech trend that is expected to pick up pace during the coming year. This sees next-generation smart tech fitted to a standard hospital bed to deliver better patient treatment. This is mainly down to the feedback that sensors provide to nursing staff about the patient and the more comprehensive monitoring abilities this approach offers.

The data these digital beds provide is in real time, which means healthcare professionals can instantly react to any changes they spot. In addition, smart beds mean nurses do not have to manually check on patients and therefore have more time to complete other important work. These beds also have easy-to-use controls that allow patients themselves to adjust parameters like bed height.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI is huge in many sectors now, and it is no surprise to see big things predicted for AI in healthcare during the coming year. This means AI-backed technologies such as pattern recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing will be discussed much more in 2023.

The utility of AI technology for healthcare facilities rests largely in how it helps them improve the care they give. In addition, AI tech can help hospitals and clinics run more efficiently while also helping free up time human staff would otherwise spend on tasks that machines can complete. When you think of specific examples where AI could be used more during 2023 in the sector, it is even more exciting.

This digital technology could help with drug discovery and assist in determining the outcomes of clinical drug trials. Machine learning can be used to investigate the potential side effects of new drugs, and medical imagery can support this. It is not just the front line of healthcare where AI can be useful; medical record keeping and the processing of medical insurance claims are just two examples of where this tech could be seen more in the next year.

Wearable medical tech 

2023 is also expected to be the year when a trend for wearable medical technology kicks in. These kinds of wearable devices help individuals stay on top of their own fitness. Although they might have been around for a while now, 2023 is predicted to be the year people really start using them in greater numbers. It is also believed that healthcare professionals will start to use this technology more and more to monitor patients’ health remotely.

This is being driven by a massive expansion in the “Internet of Medical Things.” This has gone from reasonably basic wearable tech for tracking things such as heart rate to smart watches that can do much more. Moving through 2023, it is believed that wearable tech capable of keeping track of our mental health will take off and become a hot topic. This could see healthcare environments using it to detect signs of mental illness.

Command centers 

As noted above, the digital transformation in healthcare recently has developed with better patient care at the forefront. Command centers are a great example of this and a rising tech trend in the industry for 2023.

Command centers will mostly be seen in coordinating the transfer of patients. The systems help to optimize bed placement and determine which beds in a facility might be free. The predictive algorithms they use can also suggest the care needs of patients in advance. This is useful for strategic planning and forecasting patient care needs. Technology in command centers will also use asynchronous messaging systems for easier communication related to the transfer of patients.

Rising healthcare tech trends in 2023 

Although not all the trends we have looked at are brand new, they do seem likely to take healthcare by storm in 2023. This is a good thing for the industry as it gives healthcare professionals new ways of caring for patients. It also provides healthcare facilities with new technology for innovating and operating in the most efficient way. As we continue to live in a more tech-centric world in general, it is easy to see healthcare making the most of trends like this to forge ahead in the next year.

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