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One thing that’s common within the younger generation aka “millennials” these days is their lack of sleep. The typical concern among them is that they are always tired. They complain of being exhausted all the time. That’s because they are sleep-deprived.

We all know that a good night’s sleep is vital to our overall well-being, both to our physical and mental health. Studies have shown how having enough and restful sleep is connected to having good mental health. The lack of quality sleep increases the risk of having anxiety and depression.

Why are millennials so sleep-deprived?

Why aren’t they getting enough sleep?

Why are they so tired all the time?

It’s a common expectation that this generation would have the most energy and rest because of their youth and they are born at a time where things are all conveniently within reach, but why do studies say otherwise?

Technology-related – The reality is, millennials are dependent on technology. Even addicted to an extent. While technology brings the ease and convenience it has, it also has its negative side effects. Millennials have their gadgets like their mobile phones readily at their disposal.

Because it’s so convenient to connect online, it becomes an addiction. This convenience can pull them away from their everyday lives. There is this need to be always in the know, the fear of missing out. So even when they are about to sleep, they are still busy tapping away on their mobile phones.

The blue light that phones emit restrains the production of melatonin, the hormone that regulates our sleep. Because the internet is inexhaustible when it comes to information – it stimulates brain activity delaying the much-needed sleep.

Stress-related – According to the American Psychological Association, millennials are the most stressed generation, and this stress is contributing to their lack of sleep.

Now the real question is: What’s keeping them anxious?

There’s a culture of perfectionism growing among millennials. There’s a huge emphasis on being well-educated, being successful, and being a unique individual. Not only does this create a competitive environment for them, that’s a massive pressure for anyone to live by.

In pursuit of their goals, getting enough sleep becomes less of a priority. Also, the anxiety brought by the feeling of not doing enough can cause one to lose sleep. And when they do sleep, it’s not even on a proper bed!

Most of them complain that they do not have time to purchase a proper bed because guess what? They’re busy. Getting a bed isn’t even that hard these days, you could even purchase a mattress in a box!

For the tech-savvy millennial, they can even buy mattress online. However, they spread themselves too much. The important things to-do such as simply buying a mattress even gets pushed back.

Diet-related – This competitive culture has also brought upon the age where fast and convenient-prepared food is a must. Because Millennials are always saving time, going the whole nine yards for a meal is a no.

Millennials consume a lot of instant and fast foods because they are practical to have. They don’t need much preparation, but it doesn’t mean that they’re nutritious though.

Not to mention the caffeine, sugary drinks, carbohydrate-heavy snacks, and nicotine they consume in between to keep up with a fast-paced life. Also, alcohol to cope with the stress mentioned previously. All of these unhealthy consumptions can affect a person’s sleep cycle.

Millennials should check the lifestyle they are currently leading. All of these factors contribute to a lifestyle that’s not good for anyone. Sacrificing sleep is not the way to go. We can never emphasize enough the importance of sleep.

Not only does it affect a person’s physical health, it also affects their mental well-being. Eventually, the continuous lack of sleep will surely take its toll.

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