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It is no secret that plastic and cosmetic surgery have become more common amongst celebrities, influencers, and even everyday people in recent years. Previously, cosmetic surgery was something that was not talked about publicly often, as people assumed there were social ramifications associated with getting surgery. However, with scientific research, procedures, and information on how these procedures are conducted growing and becoming more widely accessible to the general public, those stigmas are going away, and being replaced with an excitement for all that plastic surgery has to offer. There are a myriad of mental and physical health benefits of cosmetic surgery, so if you are beginning to consider it for yourself, you’ve come to the right place.

Mental Health

A commonly known fact is that the rise of social media has had adverse effects on beauty standards. 82% of women believe that social media has altered their perception of beauty, due to the ability and extent to which people edit photos of themselves and their lifestyles before posting. People feel that they can’t measure up to the edits they see in their feed, and this lowers their overall self confidence. Cosmetic surgery is designed to enhance that self confidence that has gone down over years of social media use. This study finds that one in 5 adults feel shame because of their body image. Going through with certain cosmetic or plastic surgery procedures can be an incredible first step in significantly helping them resolve body insecurities and boosting their self esteem. One of the greatest improvements people see coming out of a plastic surgery procedure is their boosted self confidence.

Our personal views on body image have strong effects on levels of anxiety and depression. People that see their own body image negatively are more likely to experience depression and anxiety than their peers. Cosmetic surgery enhances personal views on body image, which can help limit those feelings of anxiety and cases of depression. This study found that the majority of patients noticed that after going forward with a plastic surgery procedure, their anxiety and depression over their body image or certain fixations were diminished significantly. This newfound self confidence not only affects anxiety and depression levels, but also causes improvements in social anxiety. Facial cosmetic surgery specifically has been known to help increase desire for social interaction and diminish feelings of fear in social situations.

Quality of life is a statistic used globally to measure how each individual perceives their position in life. Our perception of life around us is based on multiple factors, such as whether we’re meeting goals and standards we set for ourselves. Cosmetic procedures have been shown as improving quality of life for recipients in many cases. This study shows that quality of life increased in the majority of patients studied after getting aesthetic plastic surgery. Quality of life can improve after surgery due to an improvement in health and well-being, and a higher level of self-esteem and self worth. When we’re feeling happy and confident, we are more likely to feel better about our self worth and position in different parts of life, such as social, romantic, and professional. Not to mention the fact that certain cosmetic procedures can even improve sex lives. Quality of life goes up with the combination of a higher degree of confidence and overall health.

Physical Health

Overall physical health benefits are evident in many kinds of cosmetic procedures and plastic surgeries. There are so many different procedures that have health benefits that it can be difficult to look into them on your own, so we have compiled some procedures and their use cases here for your convenience.

When it comes to physical health benefits, one of the first areas of cosmetic procedures that comes to mind is botox. Botox is commonly known as reducing effects of aging such as wrinkles, but they actually have many medical benefits that are not as commonly known. Those that have a hyperhidrosis condition can use botox to stop excessive sweating. When it is injected into the right area, botox can prevent the nerves from receiving signals to sweat. Another area that botox can cause physical relief in is in those that experience chronic migraines. Botox can relax the muscles and help ward off migraines, or help them to be less severe. Overall, botox has many positive physical benefits and use cases, such as these and even more.

Dermal fillers are another type of cosmetic procedure that are often associated with only one specific use case, which is filling out lips or cheeks. However, there are actually many different physical benefits of fillers, such as reducing the appearance of acne scarring and sculpting the chin and jaw, minimizing a weak chin. One of the lesser-known physical benefits of fillers is for those that experience chronic foot pains due to high heels or other issues with the ball areas of their feet. Collagen fillers can help build up extra padding in the affected area and make walking much more comfortable.

We can’t forget to discuss the biggest organ we have: skin. Plastic surgeries have a myriad of benefits when it comes to skin health. First, there are the many benefits of botox. Apart from anti-aging and wrinkling effects, botox can also help with managing acne breakouts, and clearing skin. Botox curbs facial oil production, which is responsible for acne. Another skin-related procedure that provides health benefits is a facelift. Facelifts elevate the skin and provide a younger look, helping your skin feel more youthful and tighter.

In 2022, cosmetic surgeries, rather than carrying stigmas with them, are starting to be seen as real resolutions for health issues. Due to the many mental and physical health benefits of them, plastic surgeries are the right decision for many people. However, always talk to your healthcare provider and ensure you are making the right decision for you and your situation. All in all, plastic surgery can leave you feeling more confident, more youthful, and even improve your overall quality of life over time. Doing your research and finding the procedure that is right for you may take time, but once these benefits begin to show up in your everyday life, it will have been worth the effort.

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