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If you are looking for that perfect chiseled look, and exercise alone is not doing it for you, you should change your approach to your nutrient intake.   You may want to think about your diet because it will make your metabolism more efficient thereby allowing you to burn more fat.  You may be facing some confusion about the best diet, but it comes down to what you as an individual would prefer.

We will explore some methods you can use to lose significant weight; you never know, it may work out so well that you will incorporate it into your daily Lifestyle.

Eat small meals

Think about eating small meals within the day, but limit them to only six.   Each meal should have 300 calories, so be careful about overeating. Eat three snacks and three small meals so that you can keep a close eye on the calories.

Intermittent Fasting

You have the option of skipping some of the meals during the day or not eating after a particular hour. You do not have to keep a very close eye on the calories.  You can, for example, skip breakfast or lunch.  But, during the eating window, do not overindulge just because you did not have one meal. Also, keep a close watch on the amount of nutrients you’re getting into your body.

Eat three meals a day

Experts recommend that if you are not seriously exercising, stick to three meals that have a calorie count of about 600. Many people tend to snack between lunch and dinner because they get hungry in between. If you have that problem,   have an apple or a handful of almond nuts. Remember to factor in the snack you had when you’re serving dinner, and scale down a little bit.

Components of a proper diet

  • Practical

A proper diet should be sensible without being too involving, for example,   tallying or understanding the nutritional aspects should not require too much thinking. A proper diet should also encourage you to prepare your meals and avoid take-out at all costs.

  • Help you lose weight correctly

You should be able to lose weight healthily, and most importantly keep the weight off.  A proper diet will also give you additional benefits, for example, lower blood pressure and lower cholesterol.

  • Help you eat properly

A proper diet will not have any sugary items and will instead encourage you to consume fruits and vegetables.  It will also clearly highlight the kind of nutrients you need in your body and where you can quickly get them.

  • Encourage you to exercise

Avoid diets that promise is results without recommending physical exercise.  For proper toning of your body especially if you lose a sufficient amount of weight, you will need to do some exercises.

Sample meal plan:

  1. Breakfast

Ensure you have protein so that your metabolism kicks into gear. It is especially important if you exercise in the morning as you will need the proteins for muscle recovery and repair.

Protein is also suitable for making you feel full longer meaning you eat less during the day.  Some thing’s you can incorporate into your breakfast includes eggs, salmon, and haddock and low-fat dairy products.

  1. Mid-morning snack

You may feel hungry in the period between breakfast and lunch and will require a snack to give you some energy.  Eat some peanut butter, bananas or crackers or even a slice of avocado.

  1. Lunch

Ensure that your lunch has the right mix of lean protein, starch, and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essential for energy and the best type of carbs to eat are those high in fiber.  A sandwich made of pork, turkey, Chicken or even lean beef would make a great lunchtime meal.

  1. Mid-afternoon

You may crave something salty but do not give in, eat spicy nuts, and savory seeds like popcorn. Alternatively, indulge in low-fat cream cheese on a cracker.

  1. Dinner

Do have carbs especially those that are rich in fiber.  Combine them with proteins and essential fats so that your body has enough energy to regenerate.


A good meal is essential for a healthy body and mind.  Whatever diet plan you opt for, combine it with physical exercise and watch the weight fall off and staff off.

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