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Of all the mental ailments, anxiety may be the most innocuous on the surface. It can hide as minor fear, but can affect all of your reasoning, can seriously impact your total mental health, and can even have a detrimental effect on your physical health.

But, because anxiety is such a common trait among humans, we have developed methods to deal with this deep-seated killer. Online anxiety treatment is one recent tool we’ve developed that can be helpful, especially during such an anxiety-ridden time as a pandemic.

What is anxiety?

Anxiety is a worry that future events will cause serious issues. If this sounds like a broad term, that’s because it is; anxiety encompasses a whole spectrum of mental health issues, such as phobias, separation anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and even selective mutism.

None of these are mutually exclusive; a person can have a specific phobia and social anxiety disorder at the same time.

Anxiety can emerge from genetic and environmental factors; people with a history of child abuse, people stricken with poverty, and people with family histories of mental disorder are often at risk for anxiety disorders.

Anxiety does not merely affect mental health, however; if left untreated anxiety can lead to poor health decisions that can lead to morbid obesity and substance abuse. Further, a constant state of anxiety can lead to an elevated heart rate, which itself bears its own problems.

How do you address anxiety?

The best way to reduce anxiety in one’s life is to learn how to cope with stress. While this can be done on one’s own, seeking professional help can aid tremendously in addressing the underlying issues.

The reasons you may wish to consider professional help are numerous. A professional therapist likely deals with cases of anxiety every single day, and would be properly-equipped to handle whatever anxiety issue you are dealing with.

A therapist, as a neutral party, would be able to look at your life, to examine your discussions with them, and to provide a set of treatment options that can assist you in treating your anxiety. Because they are neutral, therapists will offer you treatment options free of any judgement that may cloud the minds of closer friends and family.

More importantly, if the root of your anxiety requires medicine, a mental health professional can prescribe you medication. While treating mental illness with medication has negative connotations in society, this should not be the case, as some of the causes of anxiety come from chemical imbalances within the body.

Think of it this way; you would treat a physical ailment with medication. If you get a cold, you would take cold medicine. You take cough medicine for coughing fits. Mental health medication is meant to address mental health in the same way.

How do I get mental health treatment now?

With the onset of the pandemic, many businesses had to shut down, at least temporarily, to present the spread of COVID-19. Since healthcare cannot shut down due to a pandemic, most clinics have learned to address the issue through telemedicine.

Telemedicine, as the name implies, is the treatment of patients through telecommunication means (cell phones, computers, etc). While it may seem impersonal at first to discuss your wellness with your doctor through a screen, this ensures that you place neither yourself nor your healthcare provider at risk of contracting any illness, and it provides a similar level of engagement to a physical meeting.

Mental health treatment has adapted particularly well to the pandemic, as many practices have gone online. Online anxiety treatment can offer you many of the same services that a brick-and-mortar doctor’s office can provide, and often at a significant discount due to the lack of overhead.

If you find yourself low on income and unable to afford services, most healthcare providers will be willing to offer discounts. And, if you find yourself at crisis level, free resources exist; the Suicide Prevention Lifeline at (800)273-8255 can provide you with a counselor at any hour of the day, The Crisis Text Line can provide you with services via text if you text HOME to 741-741, and 911 always remains open to assist.

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