Health ITSilibrain: Equipping Everyday People With Intelligent Medtech Solutions

It’s no secret that the MedTech industry has exploded over the past decade. From telemedicine to health wearables and all types of solutions in between, recent developments have helped facilitate significant advances in healthcare.

Yet, there are still plenty of problems to solve and solutions to develop. By building highly accessible and affordable products, Miami-based technology company Silibrain, with a global remote workforce, is doing its part to enhance the quality of life for people all over the globe.

Only three years into its existence, Silibrain has already developed multiple solutions that have an immediate impact.

In 2019, the company developed Incognimed—a patient-managed electronic health record (EHR) and electronic medical record (EMR) application that claimed a top 15 spot at Medica’s global competition.

Within a year, Silibrain would begin to roll out what is perhaps the company’s most lofty endeavor to date—Vibesdoc.

Vibesdoc: helping patients diagnose and treat illnesses promptly

Vibesdoc is a patient engagement tool designed to help patients narrow down the potential diagnoses of disease. The application allows users to get a better idea of what they may be facing and provides them with practical next steps for addressing the issue.

In the timeliest way, the Vibesdoc technology was first trialed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The COVID-19 testing dilemma

When COVID-19 first emerged, testing solutions were limited. Not to mention, results weren’t always accurate. Some patients would receive false positives and false negatives, making it especially difficult for communities to track and contain the virus.

Even in 2021, COVID-19 testing solutions aren’t perfect. Although a vaccine is in circulation, patients continue to flock to hospitals and pharmacies in fear that they have contracted the highly contagious virus. This has put immense pressure on healthcare workers and physicians to treat more patients than they can reasonably serve.

Silibrain, CODI, & COV-CLEAR: a collaboration with the Vibesdoc model in action

While COVID-19 was spreading rapidly, countries and companies made large data sets available to researchers to identify solutions that could help with the pandemic. Silibrain used much of this information to launch CODI, a working demo of the Vibesdoc application.

Through the CODI questionnaire, patients can quickly determine whether or not they are likely to have contracted the COVID-19 virus.

Here’s how it works. First, the patient fills out a detailed survey. Through the power of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data from countless COVID-19 cases, this information is processed to indicate the probability of infection.

CODI & Vibesdoc leverage big data in providing a quantifiable probability of disease. Additional to their rapid test results, this tool helps patients understand and address their symptoms better. It also aids practitioners in quickly identifying patients at risk to provide them with prompt treatment.

While the application isn’t a substitute for an actual diagnosis from a physician, it has increased the accuracy of test results. It has kept people who are unlikely to test positive for COVID-19 out of hospitals. What’s more, it gives users peace of mind at a time when the pandemic has impacted the mental health of so many people and has brought widespread fear to so many communities.

Utilization beyond COVID-19

Of course, the CODI/COV-CLEAR demo only scratches the surface of what the Vibesdoc application can achieve. The reality is that these same tools can help patients diagnose all types of illnesses, diseases, and conditions—not just the recent coronavirus.

As these technological solutions are continuously developed, improved, and integrated into everyday life, Silibrain vows to make the betterment of human life its sole mission.

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