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Whatever your New Year’s resolution maybe, a balanced diet is sure to bring various benefits in 2021 and beyond. What we eat and drink today affects our body’s ability to fight against infections. Your diet also determines your likelihood of developing health problems at a later time. Yes, these may include heart diseases, obesity, diabetes, and other kinds of cancer.

It is pivotal to know that the healthy diet ingredients depend upon factors like your age, fitness level, and available food in your community. However, across cultures, some food tips assist in healthier and longer lives.

Some of these are:

* Consume a Balanced Diet

Human bodies are incredibly complex. Know that breast milk for babies holds an exception. It may come as a surprise to you but know that no single food has all the nutrients you require for working to your best level.

Thereby, your diet must contain a variety of nutritious and fresh foods to keep your body strong. Aim to consume staple foods like maize, wheat, rice, and potatoes with legumes like beans and lentils. Also, go in for unsalted nuts, raw vegetables, and fresh foods low in sugars, salts, and nutrition.

* Cut Salt Content:

High amounts of salt can raise blood pressure and also increase the risk of heart diseases and strokes. People consume high quantities of salt. And, that’s the reason why WHO recommends limiting salt intake to 5 grams a day.

You may resist adding salt while preparing food. But, it would help if you were cautious while intaking drinks and food. It is because these contain high amounts. Therefore, it is just and wise to check labels on food products to ensure that they have a low sodium content.

* Limit the Intake of Sugar:

Excess sugar not only causes tooth decay but also increases your risk of becoming overweight and may lead to serious health problems.

Just like salts, it is vital to take note of hidden sugars in processed drinks and foods. For instance, a single can of soda contains around five teaspoons of added sugar. Therefore, limiting sugar is the only way of leading a healthier life.

You can do so by reducing the intake of sugary drinks like fruit juices, fizzy drinks, and powdered concentrates. Also, ensure switching to products like baking sweetener when considering dessert preparation. Go in for healthy snacks instead of processed foods.

* Reduce Oils and Fats:

Fats are essential in our diets. But, consuming too much, mainly the wrong kinds, increases the risk of becoming obese and invites diseases and disorders associated with the heart and kidneys.

It is vital to know that industrially-produced trans fats pose the maximum hazard to health. If making a healthier transition is on your mind, then ensure replacing lard, butter, and ghee with more beneficial oils like canola, sunflower, and soybean oil. Consume steamed and boiled food and ignore frying meals at all times while cooking.

Also, check labels and try to avoid processed foods containing trans-fat.

The Verdict

One of the recipes for disaster is overhauling your diet all at once. Instead, try and incorporate more minor changes in your diet to make it healthier.

The tips mentioned above will help in keeping your portion sizes to a minimum manner. Also, consider adding nutrients and adapt to newer changes. After all, together, you can significantly impact making a healthier and more sustainable diet without making changes in your habits. 

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