HealthcareHow to Start Diet, Training and Supplementation?

I see a lot of guys in the gym for 14, 15 years who are already there every day, I mean knowing who they are being instructed by, after all super important to think healthy and start from the beginning in a way that brings only correct results wonderful in the long run.

I was glad to know that the account I spoke with is complemented by a nutritionist or go to a professional, not playing in pre-training and is aware that work is the result of years and no one grows / day slim down until night!

First of all we have to get SET something on purpose and INFORM.
It is a little work, yes, I am in favor of playing on google and reading non-stop training tips, diet and supplementation.

Well, I will tell you my opinion on what I would do if I were from today in this life!
My target is burning fat (like what it really was and now it is again, hahaha).


I tried to pass professional confidence and knowledge – Until today my coach is Fernando
I started training with adaptation by seeing how the body feels
I associated with aerobic capacity in training separately when possible
Independent training that gives priority to the pieces that need more attention
I do sports on the rest day different from diet
If I know that I am very tired for a week, do a workout during the rest week and weekend training
Do not repeat the same exercise why Nando never accompanied me but when I had not repeated personal training for a long period of time in order to stimulate the different parts of the body
I have little time to train? Give priority to bodybuilding and aero (Today my training was insanely intense and lasted 35 minutes)


I looked for a Nutritionist – Teacher and friend Rodolfo I Peres always
Cut face fried, refries, simple carbohydrates, bad fats.
Maintain what we already have now surely in all protein meals 6-7
High water consumption
Today there is no carbohydrate consumption except vegetables, but if you consume low glycemic carbohydrates, friends for sure
Put these carbohydrates in meals before high energy-consuming activities.
There were always easy options to be transported to intermediate meals (plenty of coffee, light soy yogurt, milk pot sticks on small carrot)
Body used to her diet changes every 8 weeks as well.


There must be a demand clenbuterol achat for supplemental training
Supplementation is a supplement to food
The feasibility of supplementing with snack foods is in my opinion the most positive point (protein bars, slow absorption shakes, liquid protein, ISO drinks )
I bet a lot that supplementation is harder to find in enough foods like BCAAs, glutamine and they still love the practicality of casein (MEGA PROMOTION HERE)

I think that was the most basic thing I did and it worked, but as always I love it strengthen:
Each person reacts in a way, each body is unique, what works for me will not necessarily give you, but there are N ways to reach our goal, so follow-up with a professional always indicates yes, But there is still a lot left. We are due, so I think it is worth informing every moment.

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