HealthcareHow Long Does the Effect of Restylane Dermal Fillers Last?

Restylane is definitely a leader among dermal fillers which are used to eliminate wrinkles, folds around the lips and the nose, as well as for the overall correction of the face and the lips. The most important advantage of the product (see our catalog) is the duration of its effect, which is up to six months. In its texture, Restylane resembles a biological gel which contains 2% of hyaluronic acid. When it enters the tissues of the face, the gel particles facilitate the accumulation of water molecules and creation of the desired volume. 

You can achieve the longest possible effect by using the product in the following areas:

  • forehead;
  • bridge of the nose;
  • corners of the eyes;
  • lips;
  • folds near the lips. 

Absolute Safety and Unquestionable Effectiveness

The product is designed specifically for a wide range of cosmetological needs. It is safe for the skin and the human body. Its most important ingredient is hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin, which is a natural component. The product is very well compatible with organic human tissues. Therefore, after its use, the effect remains for a long time, and there are no adverse reactions. 

How the Procedure is Performed

Many patients often suffer from pain after the procedure. Therefore, these injections are usually combined with the use of a special cream. Restylane is the safest filler available, but it still needs to be administered under the skin by a competent and experienced doctor who can determine the correct spots for injections. When the optimal amount of injections is determined and the face is placed, the specialist starts administering the preparation. The duration of the procedure can be as long as a few minutes or an hour.

What Follows the Preparation Administration

You can notice the effect of using the formulation right after it has been applied. As far as the final result is concerned, it is not difficult to fully assess it a week after its use. As a rule, there is no recovery period. You can go home or even to work right from the beauty salon. However, during the first two weeks it is worthwhile: 

  • to refrain from sunbathing;
  • to stay away from places with high humidity;
  • not to use antibiotics;
  • to prevent any mechanical action.  

On average, the duration of the effect after the use of the composition is 6-8 months. But as a rule it depends on several conditions:

  • individual characteristics of the patient’s health;
  • lifestyle (smoking, amount of fluid consumed, sports);
  • age specifics.

The average duration of the effect is 6-8 months, after which it is recommended to perform the correction procedure again. In some circumstances, the duration of the effect may reach up to 12-18 months, especially if the preparation has been used for smoothing out wrinkles rather than correcting the shape of the lips. The recommended period after which it is necessary to rejuvenate again is six months. It is because the human skin absorbs the main component of this product.  

Thus, Restylane is notable for its long-lasting effect and affordable cost. Despite the complete safety of the product, the injection should be carried out by a well-qualified specialist. Only a tried-and-tested clinic can determine which product to use before you buy Restylane fillers. The doctor should have a certificate and a license to undertake such practices. Otherwise, you should not trust your face to him or her.

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