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Eyes are one of the most important organs we have, and it is one of the biggest evolutionary advancements of all life on this planet. The ability to see where you’re going and what you’re doing gave ancient animals the ability to eat well and procreate to really proliferate their genetics throughout the environment, which obviously would eventually lead to homo sapiens’ emergence. Eyes, unfortunately, can end up experiencing a lot of issues, and many people have vision problems that need to be addressed. The good news is that most issues you will deal with regarding your eyes can be corrected. With a proper eye exam from a qualified optometrist, you can fix vision issues that require glasses and perhaps even get corrective procedures for other things like cataracts and other problems with the eyes.

Of course, most people realize that their eyes are very sensitive, and so there is often a lot of fear involved with people who are going in to receive an eye exam. While these exams are necessary, that doesn’t mean that people will actually go through with them. So, in order to ease your mind about receiving a necessary eye exam, let’s talk about the process so that you may realize just how easy and safe it is.

An Overview of the Eye Exam

An eye exam is simply an examination of your vision. A qualified optometrist will perform a series of safe, painless tests to judge your vision. While there are usually a lot of instruments there in your doctor’s office, they are not going to be poking and prodding around. At worst, you may have some bright light shone into your eyes, which will cause all the discomfort of looking at a light bulb for a few seconds. These tests are perfectly safe and simple, and they’re usually fairly quick, so you can get in and out in a hurry.

Your eyesight and overall eye health are incredibly important things, and so having your eyes looked at occasionally should be on your to-do list. Here is what you can expect during an eye examination.

What Happens During Most Common Eye Exams

Questions About Your Vision

The first thing the doctor is going to do is sit down and ask you about your vision. They will inquire as to your history and ask if you have any vision problems in your family’s line, like with your parents, siblings, etc. Next, they will want to know if you’re having any vision problems. Seeing spots, blurred vision, dry or tired eyes, trouble reading, etc. These are all important pieces of information that the doctor needs to know to give you a proper exam. So far, so good.

Measuring Visual Acuity

Next up on the list, the doctor will test your visual acuity. Basically, this just means how good you can see. This is where you may have something placed over one eye, and you will read numbers off of a chart that’s placed at a distance. The numbers vary in size, line by line so that the doctor will get a good idea of how well you can see. Another sort of test you may be given is with colours to see how well your eyes delineate different shades of colour. Again, these are simple, painless tests.

Eye Drops are Given

The next step in a thorough examination of the eyes is to place drops in the eyes. These eye drops are perfectly safe and are only meant to test the pressure in your eyes. The idea here is to see how well your pupils dilate and how well your eyes respond to stimuli. This part is over with pretty quickly.

The Exam Wraps Up, or More Tests are Required

After these steps, people whose eyes have tested out just fine will wrap up and get to go home. However, if the doctor has found any issues with your eyes during this examination, a more thorough exam will have to be performed, whereby you are tested for a prescription for glasses or you receive some other sort of vision correction.

The idea here is that you should be going in for an eye exam. Problems caught early on are much easier to correct, and having a proper vision will make your life a whole lot easier.

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