Mental HealthHealthy and Easy Methods of Overcoming Mental Blocks

Have you ever experienced that you can’t find a particular word, or remember someone’s name, or concentrate on a task that you’re doing? Have you ever stared blankly on a black piece of paper or an empty word document? Have you tried juicing out ideas from your brain but nothing comes out no matter how hard you push yourself to think? If the answer is yes, then you might have experienced having mental blocks.

A mental block is not being able to think clearly no matter how hard you try. It’s like your brain is completely blank or it feels like your brain is shutting off. Facing mental blocks during important situations is extremely annoying and of course unhelpful. Mental blocks can also stand in the way of your productivity. This can happen when you are overwhelmed or nervous and it can also stem from fear. Experiencing mental blocks can cause you to feel stressed or even anxious. Which is completely understandable especially when one does not perform as he or she intends. There are a couple things you can do to overcome mental blocks. Keep on reading because there is more information in this article that can help you battle mental blocks.

Here are healthy and easy methods to overcome mental blocks:

1. Make sure that you are well rested

When you are well rested, you can perform better and become more productive. Lacking sleep can actually cause you to have mental blocks. In fact, this is proven by a research that was posted online on the Harvard Health Letter. Taking breaks is important. There are actually 7 types of rest and make sure that you get the one that you deserve!

2. Clear your mind

This can be connected to being well rested. Mental exhaustion can cause you to have mental blocks. Remember that pushing yourself to the extent of having fatigue does not make you very productive; you are only pushing yourself to being burned out and being very exhausted to the point where you don’t put out quality work anymore. Take care of yourself. Mental stamina is just as important as physical stamina.

3. Do not procrastinate

Putting off tasks can also cause mental blocks because in the end it can cause stress and anxiety, which can also cause mental blocks. Procrastination pulls you away from being focused on your task and it makes you unable to concentrate and it leads to you not being able to think clearly.

4. Have an organized or clean environment

The state of the room or place that you are in can cause you to feel anxious and stressed too because chaotic environments boosts your cortisol levels. So the more cluttered your space is the more fuzzy your headspace. It doesn’t have to be super freaky clean but as long as you are comfortable you should be good. That’s why people tend to choose the right place before starting to work because the right spot can make them think more clearly.

5. Start with small tasks

Mental blocks can be caused by fear or being nervous or overwhelmed. So to warm yourself up, start with small tasks. Little victories can be a form of motivation that can help you push yourself to do the harder tasks. This can also be a way to conserve your energy, leaving heavier and much draining tasks last so that you are able to finish everything in your to do list.

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