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Celebrities are often envied for having all, money, fame, and good looks. Nevertheless, they are no different than their fans when it comes to suffering from mental health problems.

Nowadays, a large number of actors, sportsmen, musicians, and other celebrities have decided to open up to the public about their ordeals with mood disorders. Their aim is to send a powerful message to everyone going through the same battle as them. The following link, https://genesight.com/5-famous-people-you-didnt-know-with-depression/, reveals thirteen famous people you didn’t know suffered from depression.

Have a look at the struggles of some of them.

Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)

The Rock surprised many with his confession about suffering from depression in its twenties due to the failure of its football career. Long before becoming a high-paid action star, Dwayne Johnson played for the Hurricanes and then for a Canadian football team. Nevertheless, his football career in Canada was no longer than two months, which marked the beginning of his struggle with depression.

Moreover, when The Rock was just fifteen, he witnessed the suicide attempt of his mother and saved her life. After failing as a football player, Johnson became committed to wrestling until he finally became an actor. He believes that depression isn’t discriminatory, and every person under its influence should open up instead of coping with the struggle and pain on their own.

His advice to other individuals feeling depressed daily is to remember they aren’t alone. Losing faith isn’t an option, as once you overcome the pain, there are good things waiting for you on the other side. The Rock particularly encourages men to open up, as males are infamous for keeping their pain and negative thoughts in.

Demi Lovato

The world-famous singer Demi Lovato is no stranger to depression. She has coped with depressive behavior and suicidal thoughts very early in life, since the young age of seven. Lovato was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, anorexia, and bulimia. She was never suspected of having bipolar disorder until she sought treatment. This mental disorder affects daily life by causing sudden shifts in mood and energy. Read more about the types, causes, and symptoms of bipolar disorder.

Lovato also dealt with drug addiction, which led her to an almost fatal overdose back in 2018. Soon after the overdose, she released the single “Sober,” which describes her relapsing. Lovato expresses her pain and struggle through her songs, aiming to eliminate the stigma related to mental illnesses. By becoming a mental health advocate, she hopes to inspire other people not to give up and be embarrassed to share their stories.

Lady Gaga

The confidence and courage of Lada Gaga are a complete contrast to a person fighting depression. This pop icon has led a lifelong ordeal with isolation and depressive thoughts. Although she has won the battle with this mood disorder, her mission is to empower the youth and help young people struggling with the same problem.

Lady Gaga blames the scrutiny on social media for causing feelings of disconnection even though people seem to be connected. She is grateful for the support provided by her mother, who wasn’t terrified of her dark thoughts. Cynthia Germanotta, Lady Gaga’s mother, runs the Born This Way foundation, which helps people overcome their mental health struggles. Gaga believes that sadness didn’t destroy her greatness, as she managed to keep a part of it.

Sheryl Crow

Another famous person struggling with depression is Sheryl Crow, who experienced a six-month depressive period in their twenties. During this period, there were days when she was unable to dress or leave the house. Therapy and antidepressants were helpful, but she still considers the experience an indispensable part of life.

Sheryl Crow revealed her battle with depression in her forties after ending her engagement with Lance Armstrong and having recovered from breast cancer. Depression is closely related to brain chemistry, as it’s considered a disruption of brain chemistry, which causes low energy, negative memories, and isolation from social relationships. Fortunately, Sheryl is now living happily with her two little boys.

Owen Wilson

Owen Wilson is yet another celebrity struggling with this mood disorder. His suicide attempt in 2007 shocked and devastated his family, friends, and fans. While Wilson is almost always assigned lovable screen personas, his own personality tends to be a bit complex. It has been reported that the actor coped with additional problems and relationship issues following the breakup with Kate Hudson.

Unlike other celebrities who openly discuss their treatment, Owen Wilson is silent on this topic. Like many other stars, Wilson finds it difficult to balance his personal and professional life while being in the spotlight. Although he has nothing to say to the public yet, maybe he will someday in the future.

Final word

Depression don’t discriminate.

Open up about your story!

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