Health ITDubai Launches a Smart System to Book Doctors Via an App

Finding the right physician in the UAE can be a tiresome experience since most of them are highly-qualified and certified. However, booking a doctor will become a smooth experience after the launch of a smart system to book doctors via an app.

The patients can search and book a physician and other medical practitioners by specialty and their locations in a few minutes. For instance, you can search for speciality near me to see which doctors are near your location and their expertise.

Health Apps in Dubai

Dubai is among the leading cities in the world when it comes to health matters. Patients use different health apps, which help them to make informed decisions. These apps are designed to help different people; for instance, pregnant women, children, and patients with diabetes. These apps provide useful information to patients, healthy tips, and help to monitor different conditions. Other apps making drinking water a fun activity for children and help them to monitor their daily intake. Hayati, an app for patients with type 1 and 2 diabetes, helps to monitor the condition. It helps to measure the glucose levels and monitor how you take the medication. In a nutshell, Dubai is not new to health apps and has been using them for the welfare of the residents.

Smarty System Doctor Booking App

The Dubai Health Authority is always on the frontline to support and medical inventions and breakthroughs. To prepare for the large number of tourists expected in the city in 2020 for the expo, the DHA launched a new app. The smart health booking app, together with a new licensing system for health facilities will help to provide smooth health care to tourists who seek quality treatment. Residents and visitors can book physicians and doctors can register on the app.

Below are ways how this system works:

Health Booking

The health booking system (DubaiHealthBooking,com App) is available on both the iOS and Android platforms. Local patients and others from abroad looking to schedule an appointment with a doctor or wish to check into a health facility can do so via www.dubaihealthbooking.com.

When you log in and get to the landing page, you should upload your profile. You can search for a doctor near me Dubai depending on your ailment or speciality. The app provides you with both public and private hospitals’ details. This way, it is easy to schedule a surgery or consultation. The smart app displays hospitals and services as rated by patients. The best thing about this app is that it can cater for up to 5.5 million locals and visitors.

The Licensing System

In 2011 the Shereyan system was launched to license all professionals like doctors, nurses, dentists, paramedics, and health facilities. However, AI and Blockchain technologies have helped to speed up the licensing process. Healthcare registration from anywhere in the world can be done in a few seconds. The availability of an automated Professional Qualification Review (PQR) verification system makes the process quick and effortless.

Previously, licensing took almost 2 weeks; however, with this new system identifies the speciality of the physician, ask questions related to his expertise then complete verification. This platform is 90% effective and fast.

When you search for speciality near me, you don’t have to deal with new and unfamiliar physicians because the doctors’ information stays active for up to 5 years after registration. This information is readily available to hospitals and all leading healthcare institutions.

Dubai is a big city and has more than 40,000licensed health professionals and 3,200 licensed health facilities. The Blockchain technology will be utilized to register healthcare professionals with the Dubai Health Authority.

Easy Access

The launch of the app makes access to healthcare easy for all Dubai residents, visitors, and people around the world. You can effortlessly search for speciality near me and find out which general practitioners or dentists near you. The smart app is not only meant to improve patient experience but also to save the doctors’ time.

One of the problems health professionals in Dubai have to deal with is that some patients don’t show up for appointments. Although patients value their health, some forget about their appointments and others call to cancel. This new technology enables patients to access valuable information from the comfort of their homes. The good thing is that you can access information about various doctors from different hospitals.

Dubai is always improving many areas to ensure that its citizens live long and fulfilling lives. Apart from being a world-leader in technology, the city’s healthcare sector has seen major improvements and innovations over the years. The launch of the smart system to book doctors via an app is beneficial to both the physicians and their patients. You can get useful information about healthcare providers, depending on their areas of expertise. Through this app, you can schedule an appointment or even surgery.

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