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Everyone experiences stress to some level or the other. However, it is vital to learn the maxims of managing those day-to-day stressors to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Although technology can create anxiety, it also works wonders in de-stressing yourself. The good news is that there are ways of turning the tables on the opposing sides of technology by using it to an advantage and relieving the anxiety from a hectic lifestyle.

The health and technological experts suggest some ways of de-stressing yourself and developing a healthy lifestyle. Some of these are:

* Download Stress-Relieving Apps:

While technology is known only to cause stress, studies show that some apps are designed to help users unwind themselves. As per reports by Statista, users have a choice among 2 million apps available on the App Store.

From squeezing a rubber duck virtually to mood tracking, there are apps for relieving any/all stresses. Thus, instead of scrolling through social media and paving a path to negative energy, utilize apps for enhancing your mental peace. For instance, you may download some doctor-assisted apps, which may suggest an anxiety relief supplement or other essential medications based on your symptoms.

Or, you can also download apps that contain games focusing on reducing anxiety levels.

* Practice Apple Watch or Fitbit Breathing Exercises:

Today’s technology has been building apps around stress-relieving features. Thus, the best that you can do is own an Apple Watch or a FitBit for indulging in breathing exercises to provide relief.

The benefits of wearable technology are many. It is because these help in tracking when you’re stressed so that you can anticipate negative emotions. Suppose a wearable isn’t available for you. In that case, it is wise to search for App Store apps or YouTube videos for stimulating breathing exercises.

* Make a Smart Home:

By building a smart home, you can decrease the time you spend worrying about household chores. Thus, your best bet can be creating a chore chart with smart devices like Amazon Alexa. Know that this helps keeps track of already performed tasks and what to do next around the house.

For instance, smart devices can establish connections with other smart devices for making your life easier. Like, from turning off lights to finding your phone, these surely eliminate routine stresses.

* Stream Relaxing Music:

One of the best ways of relieving stress is by listening to music. It is because it needs minimal effort.

Consider listening to your favourite songs to de-stress yourself, or you can even listen to renowned scientists’ high-ranked songs. By doing so, you can pave a path to immediate relaxation. For instance, silence elevates anxiety levels for some; however, for others, noise increases stress. Thus, if a room filled with sounds causes chaos, try using a noise machine. It is because using white noise blocks loud noises, which also helps reduce anxiety and enhance productivity.


For good or bad, know that technology is here to stay. Therefore, try and harness these cutting-edge technologies for combatting stress and encouraging emotional and mental health. Some other ways for curtailing stress using technology can be dissolving stress with medication, taking regular breaks, and organizing your life.

After all, it’s about using technology for bringing health and relaxation to you!

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