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Ted W. Baxter (MBA, Wharton), was an auditor and management consultant at Price Waterhouse, passed all four parts of the CPA exam in one take, and built a financial services consulting practice in Tokyo for Price Waterhouse, becoming partner in record time. After working in the Asia-Pacific for Price Waterhouse and Credit Suisse First Boston, he became a managing director at Citadel LLC, a premiere hedge fund and global financial institution. He retired after twenty-two years in the financial industry. In April 2005, he experienced a massive ischemic stroke. He’s now an advocate, author, and speaker on strokes, aphasia, inspiration and motivation. He volunteers at health institutions, is involved in philanthropic causes, and lives in Newport Beach. He is the author of Relentless: How A Massive Stroke Changed My Life for the Better (Greenleaf Book Group Press, July 2018). Learn more at www.tedwbaxter.com.

Aphasia can be devastating emotionally and socially as well as mentally. People with aphasia usually know the core of our intelligence is still intact. We are aware that our problem has to do with understanding once-familiar phrases, and getting the words out in order to communicate. What makes it even harder is when we’re treated as if we have the intellect of a preschooler. Aphasia or not, we’re still intelligent adults with a full array...

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