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Over the past decade, Liz has worked as a copywriter and digital marketing executive for a multitude of companies from startups to and mid-sized businesses to working as the VP of marketing for award-winning, platinum-selling artists. Leveraging an understanding of the nuance of language in marketing, Liz founded Amplihigher, a content marketing and copywriting agency, designed to connect consumers to companies in a way that results in next-level brand expansion.

When it comes to marketing to your target audience, email is still the best way to get information to them directly and personally. Sure, there are newer and shinier methods, but according to research, 78% of marketers attribute their success to emails. Even better, for every $1 spent on emails, they saw an average of $42 come back to them! With an ROI like that, it’s safe to say that email marketing is still relevant....

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