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Kathryn Reilly is a freelance multi-channel content creator and editor. She is part-time Content Chief at MedTech Engine. She was integral in building a facilitator designed to unleash the potential of tomorrow's innovations. She determined the editorial strategy and tone of voice, sourced KOLs and experts, and found the best contributors in the industry to create practical resources and inspiring thought leadership content. MedTech Engine is now a successful and much respected content-driven platform that generates huge interest and supports innovation and collaboration.

Business still booms across the continent, as does innovation and R&D. Here we highlight some of the best places to interact with fellow medtech developers: 1. Berlin, Germany Population: 3.47 million Biggest company: Roche Not simply a great place to visit and the coolest place to work, Berlin is proving very attractive to medtech companies and startups alike. What the current 300 medtech and 240 biotech companies and 30 pharmaceuticals manufacturers have discovered is that the city has...


When Lydia Yarlott arrived at a large London hospital for her first day as a junior doctor she was ‘stunned’ to be added to a WhatsApp group. ‘That’s literally how you organise tasks, how you manage workflow and how you communicate,’ she marvels. Bearing in mind that the app is anything but secure, and that Snapchat, too, is being used to exchange patient scans, it’s hard not to be very concerned by the state of clinical communication. Instead of waiting for the powers that be to fix the broken system, Lydia, her...


LA-based VC and entrepreneur, Paul Grand, left his investment job to set up a not-for-profit designed to matchmake between medtech start-ups and giants. Kathryn Reilly talks to him about the process and his hopes for the future. Charismatic and enthusiastic, Paul Grand’s passion for medical technology and its potential is easy to glean. ‘It’s definitely making a difference in everyone’s lives,’ he begins. ‘It truly is something that’s changing the world.’ MedTech Innovator is a non-profit...

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