Dentistry6 Things You Have Never Heard About Clear Aligners

Are you having misaligned teeth and wanted to get rid of the discomfort of traditional braces? Clear Aligners might be the best for you. A clear aligner works just like the traditional braces. It will help you fix and straighten your teeth without feeling the presence of visible wires and rubbers. It is made of thin plastic but still puts your teeth closer to perfection. Clear aligners are considered to be the best option if you do not want visible wires and rubbers. The smooth and fitted perfectly plastic trays are specified and made according to your gum and teeth patterns. Unlike braces, this one is removable. Eating your favorite food will no longer be a problem. 

Clear aligners are found to be unnoticeable and an option for faster treatment. Generally speaking, both clear aligners and traditional braces are effective in correcting misaligned teeth. It only varies on the level of complication as rotated teeth cannot be fixed through clear aligners. Aesthetically, clear aligners are much recommended due to their invisibility feature. 

To avail a clear aligner, one must see a dentist if he/she is eligible to undergo such treatment or can have one. Clear aligners are only applicable to patients with little dental anomalies. Your dentist will determine whether you need an aligner or not.  

If you are thinking to have your teeth straighten through clear aligners, here are some things you might have never heard about:

  • You receive new sets of aligners every 1 to 2 weeks

A treatment plan is offered for every patient. This plan serves as an outline of the things that should be done, services to avail, and treatments to undergo. A patient will be checked every one to two weeks. During this meeting, you will be receiving a new clear aligner. The pain will be felt every time an aligner is changed as this connotes a change of teeth patterns.  

  • Invisalign even has built-in assurance for parents

The entire process and improvement will be monitored by the attending dentist and even by the parents. Dentists are using a tool that serves as an indicator ensuring better results. This is a blue indicator line that reminds and will keep users to put it in. This fades over time unless it has taken care of properly. Through this, parents will become aware of the entire process. They are ought to know where and what phase of the treatment they are in.

  • It Takes Time to Adjust to Speech

Wearing clear aligners can affect your speech. Having it for the first time will give you a hard time talking and pronouncing words with “s” or “sh” sounds. This speech-related problem will eventually disappear once you will be able to get used and adjust to it. Worry less as aligners are made from a very thin clear plastic which affects the speech very minorly. You can easily overcome this problem by performing speech improvement related exercises such as enunciating, reading-out-loud, or even chatting with other members of the family. For an instance, you can remove your aligner when you need to deliver important speeches.

  • Aligner trays need to get cleaned in Lukewarm water

We must maintain the cleanliness of our aligner just like how we do it on our teeth. It is very important to keep them clear. In order to do so, consuming aligner-friendly food and drinks and proper cleaning procedures must be done. You can clean your aligners by soaking it for at least twenty minutes in any of these mixtures:

        ◦ Luke-warm water + baking soda.

        ◦ Luke-warm water + vinegar

        ◦ Luke-warm water + hydrogen peroxide

        ◦ Retainer cleaner solution

        ◦ Luke-warm water + cleaning crystals

  • You Have to Brush and Floss After Every Meal

Brushing and flossing are deemed to be a hard task to do right after every meal in using the traditional braces. These tasks are not a problem for clear aligner users as they can be removed. However, before you can wear your aligner back again, the need to brush and floss your teeth every time you eat something is a must. Aligner trays prohibit the saliva to do its job; to wash away food particles after eating. When brushing and flossing are skipped, food particles and plaque will accumulate which will increase the chances of getting bad breath, cavities, and other oral diseases.

  • It Can Lead to Weight Loss

Clear aligners are recommended to be worn for twenty to twenty-two hours a day. It is forbidden to wear them when eating or drinking. Consuming hot food and beverages while wearing it will affect the shape, fit, and quality of the aligner. This hassle is making clear aligner users not to eat and drink any time they want to change their eating routines. This process of removing and wearing it again has truly affected the weight of a number of patients.

Consider all these pros and cons when having a clear aligner. Start thinking, planning, and asking which treatment you find perfect for you. Make up your mind and contact dentists Markham Stouffville Smile Centre to get to know your illegibility of having one. 

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