Health IT6 Reasons Why People Prefer Online Telemedicine Visits

Telemedicine and Telehealth are buzzwords these days, but just what is it about these online doctor’s visits that make them so appealing?

Telehealth is likely the way of the future for certain health concerns and contains many benefits for both the patient and provider.Read on for 6 reasons why many are opting to stay in and log in to services like Strut Health to access their healthcare.

1. No waiting

Most telemedicine platforms are set up to immediately start getting information on what your ailment is, or set you up with a virtual visit in seconds.

This helps you avoid the old-school visit which would nearly occupy your entire day with a commute, waiting room, and then waiting in the examination room (for what seems like a little bit too long.) What you are there for, which is the actual doctor contact, examination, and treatment choice seems to only be 5-10 minutes. Telehealth services set out to give patients just that — the important part of the visit — right upfront.

This saves you the waiting time, hassle, commute, and overall frustrating portion of receiving healthcare, and makes taking care of yourself so much simpler.

2. Make discussing sensitive subjects easy

Let’s say that you have a personal health issue, that you feel a little sensitive about.

The last thing you want to do is to have to mention or write down the issue 2-3 times while setting up the appointment or waiting in the waiting room, to then have to bring it up in-depth to your doctor face-to-face in what may be a paper-thin-walled examination area. For some, the thought of getting help for delicate issues in this manner could be so offputting that they decide to just ignore the issue altogether, which is definitely not the way to go.

Telemedicine platforms know how awkward some health concerns can be to discuss, so many make it into a secure, private, quick, and targeted visit to make getting the personal care you need a cinch.

3. No exposure to others

If someone is not feeling well, some of the first places they might visit is their doctor’s office and the pharmacy.

This makes it all-to-common to be in a waiting room or standing in the pharmacy line next to someone sneezing, sniffling, coughing, and potentially spreading germs. Sometimes, you may even be the person who is under the weather and exposing others during your office visit.

The best way to keep exposure for yourself and others at bay when feeling ill or addressing a health issue is to stay home while getting treatment, and telemedicine platforms make that possible.

Even so, sometimes it is better to visit the doctor in person, especially if your injury or pain is related to bones, muscles, or the brain. The experts at cedaorthopedicgroup.com recommend selecting the medical center that also offers transportation services. It will make it much safer and convenient for you.

4. Shipped prescriptions

For most in-office doctor’s appointments, your errands don’t stop after you leave the office — you still have a pharmacy stop to make. Pharmacy visits may consist of one drop off of the prescription, and then a potential wait or return visit to collect your treatment.

Altogether, this can turn getting treatment for a simple issue into a 2+ stop and multiple hour journey.

With telemedicine, everything is moved online and this helps keep things simple for you. Often, telemedicine companies will make the pharmacy trip the only place you have to go after electronically submitting any prescriptions you may need.

For conditions that can wait for shipping, telehealth clinics may ship your prescription directly to your door as part of the service.

5. Discreet shipping

For those more sensitive health issues, it isn’t only awkward to have the conversation with your doctor, you may then have to speak with your pharmacist about it when dropping off the prescription, have the pharmacy technician ask you about it when you are checking out, and perhaps you run into an old friend at the pharmacy too.

The old way of getting your prescriptions has lots of chances that your private health matter becomes, well, maybe not so private.Telemedicine companies often include free and quick shipping of any medication you need, and take care to label the package in such a way that no-one can tell what is being delivered.

Telehealth services realize that you may have nosy neighbors or live with others who you may not want to share your health issues with, so discreet shipping and packaging is a priority.

6. Affordable up-front pricing

Healthcare can be expensive.

Even if you have insurance the copays for visits, procedures, and medications can really add up.

For simple conditions, telehealth services often have an informational page outlining the exact cost of a visit.

As a bonus, these platforms often waive the visit itself, plus any shipping needed, and only charge you for any medication which is required. Telemedicine can be especially helpful for those who are finding themselves uninsured or between jobs for a period of time, as the out-of-pocket costs of an in-person doctor’s visit can be unpredictable and potentially sky-high.


Telemedicine and Telehealth services are the way of the future, and for good reason.

Having your minor health concern addressed in an online environment can help you avoid waiting times, reduce the awkwardness of certain health issues, reduce exposure from those that are sick, and potentially have your more affordable prescriptions shipped to you with quick and discreet shipping.

This article has been sponsored by Strut Health

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