Healthcare Marketing5 Ways to Use Video Marketing and Draw in New Patients

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Video marketing plays a major role in drawing in new customers, no matter what kind of industry you’re in. More people watch videos than read blogs or other types of online content. Therefore, if your medical practice isn’t already using video marketing to attract new patients, it should start as soon as possible. The following five ideas are ways that doctors can use video marketing to draw in new patients.

1. Introduce the Team

Video marketing is an excellent opportunity to introduce prospective patients to yourself and your staff. Patients will want to know ahead of time who they’ll be trusting with their health. Getting to know you and your team via your marketing videos can help patients to decide that they want you treating them. It’s important to introduce the entire staff if possible so that patients can get to know everyone who may be involved in their treatment.

2. Testimonials from Current Patients

If you’re able to get current patients to provide testimonials on video for your practice, that can make an excellent video advertisement. Hearing from those who are already under your care can go a long way toward earning the trust of new prospective patients. Any kind of testimonial can be helpful, but video testimonials are especially great for marketing because viewers can put a face to the words being said. It’s easier to trust that someone is being genuine when you can see their face as they speak.

3. Office Tour

Prospective patients may want to see what your office looks like. An office tour can help them to see where they’d be spending their time while at your medical practice. This includes both the waiting room and exam rooms. The tour can show patients how to get around your office so they’re more comfortable during their first visit and have a better idea what to expect when they arrive.

4. Educational Videos

There are some health questions that are frequently asked by patients. These questions may be commonly asked during appointments. They may also be questions that patients commonly lookup online in search of an answer. Choosing a commonly asked health question and answering it can help to demonstrate your services to prospective patients.

Other options for educational videos include walking patients through a common procedure, showing patients how to care for themselves either before or after a procedure, and tips for treating certain conditions that may arise.

Educating potential patients is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and the services they would receive from you. It’s also a great way to help patients before they even reach your office.

5. Special Deal Announcement

If your practice is in a field of medicine in which you can offer a special deal or promotion to patients, it’s a good idea to share this in a video. It’s a good idea to be very clear about any limits on the offer, however, so patients don’t misunderstand.

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Adam Nager

Adam Nager

Adam Nager is a serial entrepreneur and the founder of Quest Management Services, a collection of healthcare organizations serving over 40 states. After growing his medical billing company to a multimillion-dollar business, Adam expanded his portfolio by going on to acquire five other companies.

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