Careers4 Most Satisfying Careers in Healthcare

The retirement age in Australia is increasing.

Consequently, more and more people have begun realizing the appeal of a job that not only pays the bills but one that also keeps them fulfilled and happy. While such a job will vary from person to person, according to science, there’s one characteristic that applies to all fulfilling jobs.

The most satisfying careers involve teaching, caring for, or protecting others. In short, jobs that are centered on giving to others are associated with a greater sense of happiness and fulfillment.

Healthcare professions invariably fall in this category, since they involve helping people every single day. However, not all healthcare careers are created equal, so here’s a list of the most satisfying.

1. Dentist

A dentist is a doctor whose area of specialization is oral health. Among other things, a dentist diagnoses oral diseases, creates suitable treatment plans, monitors the development of jaws and teeth, performs surgical procedures on the gums, teeth, and oral cavity, and promotes overall oral health.

To be admitted to a dental school, you need to pass rigorous examinations. Upon admission, you then need to excel in your coursework in order to achieve the necessary certification. These high standards are necessary to ensure that you can safely and effectively perform modern oral healthcare procedures.

2. Optometrist

An optometrist is an eye care professional. An optometry program will take you about four years to complete depending on your chosen school and its curriculum. As an optometrist, you’ll conduct various eye examinations on your clients to establish the existence (or lack thereof) of eye problems, prescribe the appropriate treatments, and provide routine eye care.

3. Physician

A physician is a medical doctor who specializes in non-surgical treatment of various medical conditions. There is a wide range of medical specialties you can choose from, ranging from hematology and immunology to dermatology and oncology. A physician spends a lot of their time doing clinical work such as mending broken arms, prescribing various treatments, and providing holistic medical care.

4. Aged Care

Careers in the aged care industry involve taking care of aging members of the population. Unlike some of the other professions on this list, a short aged care course is enough to earn you a job.

Some of the responsibilities include accompanying the client on their activities, helping with the preparation of food and maintenance of proper hygiene, completing various housekeeping tasks, and running errands. There are several types of jobs, each with its own unique set of requirements. The following are some in-demand professionals here.

5. Aged Care Worker

Aged care workers provide home support. If you choose to become one, you’ll help your clients throughout the day in accordance with a predefined care plan. The client’s needs will determine your responsibilities. One client may only require companionship and emotional support, while another may require help with food preparation, shopping, and various physical activities.

6. Residential Support Worker

Unlike aged care workers, residential support workers provide their services in care facilities. These include aged care homes and homes for persons with disabilities. Responsibilities involve cleaning, cooking, and helping with anything that’s beyond the residents’ abilities.

7. Community Support Worker

This role mainly involves encouraging older people and people living with disabilities to participate in community service programs. Such programs are specifically tailored and designed to help with their rehabilitation. You will care for a wide range of people, including those in nursing homes, day programs, and group homes.

Final Thoughts

While healthcare professions rank highly on the satisfaction scale, they’re not for everyone. Only take this path if you feel called to become a healthcare worker.

Additionally, because of the nature of these jobs, you’ll frequently be in contact with other people. You, therefore, need to have good people skills and be comfortable with working odd hours.

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