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Nerve pain, or peripheral neuropathy, is a disease that affects more and more Americans every day. The condition can cause the sensation of pins and needles, resemble sciatica pain, and can take on a number of other forms. It’s known to have the most effect on the legs and feet and often makes sleeping difficult.

Often times, neuropathy is something that is developed in people. Many things can cause it flare it up including past injuries, lifestyle habits, and not seeking out treatment. Nerve damage can have devastating effects if left untreated overtime, and the sooner a person responds to it the sooner they can begin to get relief.

Changing Your Diet

The #1 thing a person can do to hinder nerve damage is to watch their diet. Certain foods and lifestyle choices encourage neuropathy, so it’s important to address your diet if you’ve begun to experience the symptoms of neuropathy.

In addition to getting the nutrients your body needs, exercise is just as important. Helping blood flow and utilizing the process of breaking down and building up of muscles when working out affects your nerves! In fact, exercise is linked to helping nerves regenerate and stay healthy.

If you suffer from diabetes, you’re at a higher risk for developing neuropathy. Taking care of this condition by regulating blood sugar levels will prevent nerve damage later in life.

If you drink alcohol frequently beware the impact alcohol can have on your liver and nerves. Alcohol is overall bad for your health but it could be detrimental to the livelihood of your nerves. Watch your intake and listen to your body’s signals.

Even if you have yet to experience neuropathy, it’s never too soon to start a healthy lifestyle and setting yourself up for success.

Find Root Causes

Sometimes when living a healthy life you may still experience symptoms of peripheral neuropathy. Don’t be discouraged as there are root causes than just your diet and health.

Trauma to your nerves whether a head, leg, or spine injury can be the culprit in numbness or pain in your body. Think back on different injuries over the course of your life. Reflect on past surgical procedures or think about a car accident injury. Without even realizing it, you may have sustain trauma to your nerves.

Trauma can impact your nerves in multiple ways. Perhaps they are truly are damaged. Sometimes they’re not receiving the proper oxygen flow needed. Once you’ve identified the cause of it, you can work your way backwards. Often times a car accident chiropractor or other medical specialist can treat these injuries by aligning your spine and help nerves to communicate again.

In these situations it will take an ample amount of time for your nerves to recover. Respect the process and trust an accident doctor to get you on the path to recovery.

Peripheral Neuropathy Specialists

If all else fails, there are special programs and peripheral neuropathy treatments to check out. It’s important to get treatment as soon as possible because the effects of nerve damage only get worse and can be irreversible.

Some neuropathy specialists will use spinal cord therapy, injections, and shocks to stimulate your nerves. These treatments have been proven to bring relief to patients. Some reports show as much as 70% decreases in pain/numbness as well as sleep being more easily attained. If you are suffering from neuropathy and have done everything in your power, seeing one of these specialists may be the thing you need to finally beat nerve damage.

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