Thomas FX, Distributor Of UV BioTech, in Need of International Dealers


VANCOUVER, BC – JULY  2020 – As COVID-19 cases continue to increase on a global scale, legendary special effects company, Thomas FX, is looking to help businesses stay safe and return to work. John Quee, Chief Executive Officer at Thomas FX Group Inc., recently announced that the company is now a distributor of BioTech UV Technology.. This is a proven technology that allows businesses to sanitize and clean large areas. Thomas FX is looking for international dealers to help them ensure this technology is available on a larger scale to help industries, communities, and businesses return to work safely.

UV technology has been an effective method of sanitization for more than 40 years. BioTech UV Technology uses a high-frequency light wavelength to clear surfaces of any bacteria, germs, and viruses like COVID-19. BioTech UV Technology offers chemical-free products making it environmentally friendly. It is easy to use and is a cost-effective alternative for disinfecting.

“COVID-19 has impacted the world severely, so we decided to become part of the solution – helping other businesses and countries. For this reason, we have decided to pivot Thomas FX and distribute BioTech UV Technology. We know this equipment will create a safe and clean work environment for the Film & Television industry, due to its strong wavelength that will kill bacteria, viruses, and other airborne pathogens. To make the most of this technology, we will need international dealers who can help us distribute this product, increase awareness, and help businesses overcome COVID-19.” – John Quee, Chief Executive Officer.

Thomas FX wants to ensure that this life-changing technology is being distributed to the best of their abilities and helping other countries fight COVID-19. Some of their inventory includes several styles of sanitizing cabinets that allow products to be shipped, stored, and sanitized all at once. Thomas FX aims to support other businesses in safely welcoming back customers and employees within a safe and clean environment. Known for their high-quality special effects products, including the world’s best biodegradable snow and ash, Thomas FX survived the pandemic and has now pivoted to help other businesses get back to work. By connecting with dealers, the team at Thomas FX will be able to pursue its goal of ensuring safe and sanitized spaces for all industries.

About Thomas FX:

Launched in 1968 Thomas FX is one of Canada’s pioneer companies that is widely acknowledged as having helped build the Canadian film industry. With a network of International Dealers and customers in 78 countries, they have grown to become one of the most influential special effects suppliers in the entertainment industry. They are best known for their Patented biodegradable snow and ash effects, among other products and essential production supplies.

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