Princess Podockee and the Land of Ting: Enchanting New Children’s Book Promotes Balance, Hope & Climate Action


P.W. Doodle’s ‘Princess Podockee and the Land of Ting’ wraps a vital message up in an engrossing, fun story. Young readers are introduced to Princess Podockee – an admirable, moral-rich princess on a quest to bring balance back to the world we know. It’s a story of hope, a positive future and being in tune with the nature that surrounds us. After all, the messages contained within have never been more urgent.

United Kingdom – P.W. Doodle actually created the character of Princess Podockee back in 2012, but waited for the perfect moment to release the story to the world. With lockdown in full swing and climate action needed more than ever, 2021 was “the moment”.

The book, titled ‘Princess Podockee and the Land of Ting’ fuses a fun and enchanting story with some very real, vital and actionable messages for its young audience.


Princess Podockee is not as you would imagine a `normal’ princess to be… Oh you know, the ones that live in castles or the ones that await in a sleeping slumber for their long-lost prince to arrive… Or the ones that are just born into a life most of us could never comprehend. No, no – our princess is the real deal. She believes in unity and one love. Follow us dear readers, on an adventure of self-discovery whilst bringing back balance to the world we know. Princess Podockee and her friends will bring more than just colour and hope into your lives.

“The book is a colourful, creative and truly playful way to help children understand the climate crisis we are facing, and be empowered to take action,” explains the author. Every little thing we do individually and as families will make a change from each end of our patch until we heal the world…One planet, One love. I’m confident they’ll be inspired to grow into our planet with its future in mind. Only together can we make this change”

‘Princess Podockee and the Land of Ting’ is due for release on March 31st, 2021.

About the Author:

Polly was born and grew up in Cornwall, situated in a little village on the north coast. Her dreams became a reality when she got in to theatre school and onto circus school in Bristol where the magic began and she travelled with one of the best trapeze artists currently in the UK. Life has been rich and beautiful as opportunities opened up in her life. Three wonderful daughters later, Polly returned to the little village of her past and bought her family house, which has cradled her as she finished writing up this book before starting chemo and fighting for her life. The focus of her girls’ future and the divine got her through. ‘It’s been a journey,’ says Polly, ‘I wrote this book in 2012. I believe life is all about timing. Now is the time for Princess Podockee. I give thanks every day for all I have learnt. For life is one big lesson and not a rehearsal. If you don’t stop once in a while and breathe in the beauty and magic of life, you could miss it. I walk forwards with an open wild heart full of love and excitement at the next chapters of my own story. May you all travel in your own truth, for you alone know your own rhythm. I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did writing it.

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