Notify.com Releases Enhanced Emergency Notification User Interface

Colorado Springs, CO – May 22, 2020 – Notify.com announced today an enhancement to the web-based console for its Emergency Notification Platform.  The new user interface will allow those initiating mass communication to quickly search for selected Users, Groups and Subscriptions, via a new search box feature.  This new capability will greatly reduce the time to select the desired recipients.

“Notify.com is an acknowledgement-based notification platform,” said Bob Lueth, President of Notify.com.  “This simply means that every message sent to users—whether it be a PUSH notification, SMS text message, Email or Voice phone call—will be tracked by Notify.com, in real time, for positive acknowledgement by the user.  This capability is becoming even more important in recent times, as our customers send out critical communications to their user community.  When you are sending out messages involving the safety of others, the ability to know who did see the message, and who did not, is critical.”

Users acknowledge messages with a single touch, using One Touch Reply

Notify.com offers a unique feature referred to as One Touch Reply.  This capability allows users to acknowledge receipt of the critical communication by:

  • Pushing the acknowledge button on their smart phone
  • Entering a keypad sequence in response to a voice telephone call
  • Replying to their Email or SMS text message

Emergency Notification platform for small, medium and large organizations

Notify.com offers a fast, reliable and affordable means to communicate critical messages within businesses of all sizes.  A medium sized organization with up to 100 employees can implement Notify.com for a subscription price of $4,500 per year.  Perpetual licenses are also available, for those companies that would rather purchase the software, as opposed to subscribe to it.

Four notification platforms in one

Notify.com provides an all-in-one notification platform to address the most important aspects of enterprise operation:

1) Web Messaging in support of Emergency Notification,
2) Alert Notification using PUSH, SMS, Email and Voice phone calls,
3) Alarm Management for any system, application or device, and
4) Subscription-based, or Opt-In notification of messages, based on the users’ interest.

About Notify.com

Since 1993, Notify.com of Colorado Springs, CO. has provided alerting, alarm management and web-based messaging systems to organizations around the world.

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