HealthTech Start-up Seeks to Make Preventative Healthcare More Accessible


Subscribers can receive weekly text message tips centered around sleep, mental health, and nutrition as well as have individual questions answered by certified coaches

Jairus Martin



Philadelphia, PA: In November 2019, a Philadelphia-based start-up launched a first-of-its-kind self-care coaching text service centered around sleep, mental health, and nutrition. Subscribers can sign-up to receive tri-weekly text message tips backed by certified nutritionists, licensed psychotherapists, and sleep scientists. The tips combine self-care science with a cognitive-behavioral approach to help users make effective, long-lasting changes. In addition, if users have self-care questions they can submit them directly through text message and receive answers from certified coaches.

The founder of Downshift, Jairus Martin, states:

 “Despite all the positive awareness that was given to self-care in 2019, worldwide rates of obesity, depression, and sleep deprivation are continuing to rise rapidly with no indication of slowing down. Awareness is great but we believe actionable steps should follow soon after.”

 “In trying to understand these widespread health issues, our team of certified professionals concluded that people – even those who value positive nutrition, sleep, and stress management habits – are often too busy in their everyday lives to consistently consult with dietitians, sleep professionals, and psychotherapists in-person. We believe offering certified coaching in a low-cost, easily accessible format is an efficient method for helping people make small adjustments to their lives that lead to big habit changes, capable of lasting a lifetime.”

 “However, our goal is not to replace those previously-mentioned licensed professionals – just the opposite actually. Our coaching seeks to help people recognize where they may need more in-depth help and our website provides a list of licensed and accredited professionals from each U.S. state to help users find the appropriate help.”

 “We want the perception of self-care to extend beyond meditation and mindfulness and for it to be a practical part of people’s lives.”

For more information, you can email the Downshift coaching team at coaching@downshift.us or sign up for coaching at www.downshift.us

SOURCE: Jairus Martin – Downshift founder

This Press Release has been sponsored by Downshift

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