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Universal Smart Cards is a market leader in the implementation of smart cards and other associated technology. We have customers all over the world and in many different industries.One of our specialist areas is the healthcare sector. Our products and solutions can be used for a number of things within the healthcare, from access control (both physically and logically), printing on demand and cashless vending. We currently supply the NHS in the UK, helping to keep patient records and access to buildings secure, but accessible to the right people.

With an aging and growing population, there is an ever-increasing need to find smarter and more efficient ways to deliver healthcare. To bring this about, healthcare professionals are turning to technology for answers, and there are four areas, in particular, that are bringing spectacular results. Here, we’ll look at how the Internet of Things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and RFID technology are helping to reshape healthcare in 2018. 1. Internet of Things The internet...

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